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Featuring Mantas / Manta Rays
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Hanalei Sunset
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Seal Chick
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  • Featured Item This Hour Hawaiian Fine Art
  • Light Ray (Mantas - Manta Ray)

    Inspiration: Hahalua is the Hawaiian Name of the Manta Ray. Its two cephalic lobes on the sides of its face help funnel plankton food into its large, cavernous mouth. Here the Hahalua glides through a sea of aqua light.
  • TESTIMONIALS Click here.

  • Hawaii Art Newsletter - FALL 2015

    Art tips, favorite photos, KAI Ocean Art Show (WAIKIKI), new images, awards, class schedule and much more.
  • Beat the Matted Print Price Increase - Hawaii Art Matted Prints For Sale

    Unfortunately, our costs for matted prints have gone up and we have to increase our prices. BUY NOW AND BEAT THE PRICE INCREASE! - EFFECTIVE 10/1/2015 - 8"x10" matted prints will increase to $24.95 and 11"x14" matted prints- will increase to $39.95. View available Hawaii Art matte prints below.
  • Mantas / Manta Ray Fine Art Collection Release!

    In Hawaii the Mantas, known as Hahalua, hold an elevated rank among the beings of Earth because they are able to live in the depths of darkness (po) yet leap into to light (ao). Click on link to view Patrick Ching's newest collection of Hawaiian art featuring Mantas / Manta Rays.
  • The Tale of Rabbit Island Children Book - Back in Stock

    From the daydreams of Patrick comes The Tale of Rabbit Island, "an old Hawaiian story that I just made up."
  • Hawaii Art - Honu and Hina Hawaii Art Book

    Video by Patrick Ching for Honu and Hina Hawaii Art Book View larger Video...
  • Honu Mana'o

    Inspiration: Honu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle, comes to rest on balmy shores, with thoughts transcending the Honu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle, comes to rest on balmy shores, with thoughts transcending the depths of time. Mana'o - thoughts, ideas, not reserved for humans but all living beings. In old Hawaii the Honu was a respected being and a source of food eaten only by royalty. In recent times the Honu have been hunted to the threat of extinction and became protected by law. Now they live comfortably among us and even come to rest on shores frequented by people.
  • Hawaii Art Testimonials

    View a list of testimonials from happy Patrick Ching clients, art collectors and students.
  • Nai‘a Leahi

    Inspiration: The fluid motion of Hawaiian dolphins near the surface, are tinted with reflections of paradise.
  • Pali Manu Kuahiwi

    Inspiration: The Majestic Pali cliffs of windward Oahu with the brilliant red ‘I’iwi birds and Lehua blossoms. In the distance a juvenile ‘I’iwi flutters off with yellow and red feathers.
  • What is a Gicle'e?
    Gicle'e prints are the finest reproductions available today. Gicle'e prints are used by the Louvre Museum in Paris to exhibit works that are too valuable or fragile to be displayed in public.
  • Online Christmas and Holiday Hawaii Art Original Sale 2015 - $1000 Originals!

    View Patrick Ching's Christmas and Holiday Hawaiian art original sale

About Patrick Ching - Hawaii Artist & Nature Environmentalist

Patrick Ching - Hawaii Artist & Nature Environmentalist This website features the work of Hawaii artist, Patrick Ching, a reknown nature artist and owner of Patrick Ching Art in Waimanalo, Oahu and Princeville, Kauai. More...


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