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  • Available Originals
  • ‘Awa Bed (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8875 ** Price: $1,500 ** Size: 11"x14 ** Inspiration: This painting was done for the label of Naturally Hawaiian ‘Awa. ‘Awa, also known as Kawa throughout Polynesia, is known for its relaxing effect on the body and medicinal and ceremonial uses. The roots of the mature plant are mashed and when mixed with water (or saliva of virgins in old Hawaii) and when drank, cause a numbing in the mouth and throat yet keeps the mind clear. The Large Awa plant in the background is one of many Giant plants I came across while exploring the Hawaiian Wilderness as a youth (which I still Am!)' About twenty of these giants were growing along a stream bed and some seemed to grow right out of large boulders in the middle of the stream.
  • Azure Shoals (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17698 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 48x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Emerging aqua blues and greens spotted with coral reef and waves. More...
  • Beach Candy (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17375 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Putting my sight in the eye of a bird, I hovered above the beach fronting the Moana. Endless waves of energy rolled in - exciting, rejuvenating, healing. People and playthings sprinkled with color like candy on an ocean cake. Which one are you?
  • Blue Canoe (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8861 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 16"x32" ** Inspiration: This scene of Kauai's north shore is of a time of transition from old Hawaii to a newer age. The thatched sheds and wooden canoes still existed after the introduction of ironwood trees and modern paint. In the distance, mount Makana (the Gift) looms above the emerald bay. The Blue canoe rests beneath the long shadows of morning as a poi dog looks out to sea.
  • Brazilian Cardinals (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8862 ** Price: $ ** SOLD ** Size: 11"x14" ** Inspiration: What's more than a Gazillion? Answer: A Brazilian! Actually, these red crested Cardinals, also know as "Brazilian Cardinals" were introduced to Hawaii around 1930 from South America. Whenever a visitor starts to ask "Wha..." I tell them "Brazilian Cardinal" because I know they're going to ask me "What's the bird with the red head?" The Cardinals in this painting are perched above a red Hibiscus flower bush with the falls of Kilauea, Kauai in the distance.
  • Breach (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17690 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 36x48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: An enormous humpback throws itself into the air before the cliffs of Kilauea Point. More...
  • Coral Twist (Original)
    Ref. No.: 12589 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 14x18 ** Limited Edition: No ** Inspiration: This painting was done as an example of the style of paintings that will be done for the KAI show early next year. The Original and reproductions are available
  • Cowgirl Blue (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8893 ** Price: $12,000 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: An oil painting by Patrick Ching entitled Cowgirl Blue. The love between a girl and her horse is one of nature's most precious miracles. This painting is dedicated to Patrick's daughter Kawena who may one day have a mountain with a big blue Appaloosa.
  • Crystal Blue (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10862 ** Price: $1700 ** Size: 16x32 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The crystal waters of south Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is a perfect cooling spot on a hot Hawaiian day. A honu takes a breath as it looks at a shelf of lava rock. "I like the way the crystal water twists the shades of green and blue together" says artist Patrick Ching whose mother is from Kona.
  • Diamond Head Lagoon Original
    Ref. No.: 28371 ** Price: $4,500 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The emerald colors of the shallow reef accent the Diamond Head Lighthouse.
  • Diamond Sky Original
    Ref. No.: 28370 ** Price: $4,500SOLD ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Iconic Diamond head Crater rests beneath a radiant sky. The emerald waters of Waikiki will beckon you in.
  • East Cove Boobies (Original)
    Ref. No.: 13522 ** ** Size: 11"x14" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: This scene is from the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge lighthouse area looking east to the red footed booby colony on Crater Hill and beyond to the Mokolea Peninsula on the Island of Kauai. In the foreground red footed boobies are collecting chenopodium shrubs to use in nest building.
  • Emerald Reef (Original)
    Ref. No.: 24150 ** Price: $6,000SOLD ** Size: 48"x36" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A bird's eye view of a cresting wave breaking on a shallow reef.
  • Fluid Grace (Original)
    Ref. No.: 24147 ** Price: $6,000 ** Size: 48"x36" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Three Hawaiian Spinner dolphins glide gracefully through the sea.
  • Flying On The Edge (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17688 ** Price: $Buy Now - Price - $8,000 ** Size: 36x48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A school of spotted eagle rays flying over the shelf of a descending sand bar. A large female followed by several smaller males. More...
  • Hanalei Moa Bettah (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8872 ** Price: $SOLD ** Price: $6,500 ** ** Size: 24"x36" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: One of the first things anyone notices on Kauai is the abundance of wild chickens and roosters. I attribute this healthy wild population to the lack of predacious mongoose on Kauai. The Hawaiian Jungle fowl is known as Moa. The Moa is so great to paint because of their posture and explosion of color. Hanalei Valley at sunset time provides an awesome backdrop for this painting. Just Pau Paint!
  • Hanalei Tide (Original)
    Ref. No.: 9855 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 20"x40' ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: It took me three years to complete this painting of the reef beneath the St. Regis Hotel looking out toward Hanalei Bay. It took all my skill and understanding of reflections and layers to pull it off. The rainbow was a special challenge.
  • Holy Moli (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17686 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 36x24 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Immaculate make up on the Laysan Albatross called moli in Hawaiian. More...
  • Honu Drift Original
    Ref. No.: 28372 ** Price: $4,500 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The grace of a Hawaiian honu is evident as if ascends into the light of the sea.. Inspired by a photo by Terry lilly.
  • Honu Mana'o (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17376 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Honu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle, comes to rest on balmy shores, with thoughts transcending the dHonu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle, comes to rest on balmy shores, with thoughts transcending the depths of time. Mana'o - thoughts, ideas, not reserved for humans but all living beings. In old Hawaii the Honu was a respected being and a source of food eaten only by royalty. In recent times the Honu have been hunted to the threat of extinction and became protected by law. Now they live comfortably among us and even come to rest on shores frequented by people.
  • Honu Moon Mokulua Original
    Ref. No.: 28373 ** Price: $4,500SOLD ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A honu comes ashore on a beach where turtles have not visited for many moons. The Mokulua Islands off of Kailua Beach duplicate the shape of the Hunu's shell. Inspired by a previous Ching painting entitled Grean Peace.
  • Infinty (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17691 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 36x48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A seemingly endless progression of sharks swim in figure eight on a remote Hawaiian atoll. Poetry in ocean motion. More...
  • Jacaranda Horse (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8871 ** Price: $SOLD ** Price: $5,000 ** ** Size: 11"x14" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Wishard Gallery Parker Ranch Center. This is an oil painting by Patrick Ching in 2007. Springtime is filled with violet, lavender, and blue in Hawaii's Upcountry. The Jacaranda trees bring a colorful glow to the Hawaiian landscape. A grazing horse enjoys the morning sunlight. "Though I did not know this horse personally, (I just saw it on the side of the road) by the time the painting was complete, the horse I painted was my own Ehukai. "Funny how your loved ones show up in your art."
  • Ka Wai Nui (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8869 ** ** Price: $5,000 ** ** Size: 18"x24" ** Inspiration: This painting was done for the Conservation Council for Hawai‘i 2007 wildlife poster. Kawainui Marsh is located in the ‘ahupua‘a of Kailua on the island of O‘ahu. In 2007, a large section of the marsh was turned over to the State of Hawai‘i for protection and management. The painting features Ulupo Heiau and Mount Olomana, native water birds -- including the ae‘o (stilt), ‘alae ‘ula (gallinule), ‘alae ke‘oke‘o (coot), koloa (duck), and ‘auku'u night heron -- the native neke fern, kaluha and ‘uki sedges, and hau hele wai hibiscus. Look carefully and you will also see a native pinao dragonfly and nymph, ‘o‘opu goby fish, and hapawai mollusks.
  • Kahili Beach (Original)
    Ref. No.: 9315 ** ** Price: $12,000 SOLD ** ** Size: 24 x 48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: On Kauai's north shore is a serene spot where the river meets the sea. Great frigate birds, called ‘Iwa, swoop down to drink the delicious water. Beyond the beach waves break in the emerald colored lagoon. This is one of artist Patrick Ching's favorite places on Earth.
  • Kalalau (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17692 ** Price: $Buy Now - Price - $8,000 ** Size: 36x48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A tiny corner of beach and trail offset the colors of a Kalalau Valley's deepening sea. Shadows of clouds dapple the surface. More...
  • Kawena's Paint (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10429 ** Price: $3,000SOLD ** Size: 11x14 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: My daughter Kawena asked me to paint a paint horse for her. The setting is Waimea on the Island of Hawaii. In anticipation of her horse Ehukai’s foal, Kawena said sales from this painting can help pay for keeping her new horse.
  • Koke’e Moa Bettah (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10431 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 11x14 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A proud rooster perches on a rock in Koke’e State Park on the island of Kauai. These roosters and chicken’s are descendants of Pacific Jungle Fowl brought to Hawaii by ancient navigators aboard large ocean going canoes. These birds thrive on Kauai so well because there are no mongoose on the island to eat them. All the other main Hawaiian islands have mongoose.
  • Kona Cherry (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8876 ** Price: $1,500 ** Size: 11"x14" ** Inspiration: Since the early 1900's my moms' Texiera family has been growing world class coffee on the upper slopes of Hualalai Volcano in Kona. Some of my fondest memories of Kona are listening to radio while picking "cherry" with my cousins "down the coffee land." Afterwards, we enjoyed sitting around the table with the adults drinking fresh brewed coffee while talkin' story with family and friends. This painting was done for a label of 100% pure Kona Coffee for my friend Bennett.
  • Kukui Falls (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10522 ** Price: $SOLD ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Along the highway of Kauai’s north shore is a beautiful waterfall that cascades into a tiny pool. When the sun floods the area with light, a brilliant dance of color can be seen in its angelic rays. A large Kukui nut tree, shown in the upper right corner, once grew in front of the falls. Kukui means “light” or “enlighten” in Hawaiian because the nuts of this tree were used as candles and torches. Be careful not to slow down to look for the falls. Instead take this lasting picture home as a gift for yourself or someone you love.
  • Light Ray (Mantas - Manta Ray) - Original
    Ref. No.: 24139 ** Price: $$4,500SOLD ** Size: 30"x40" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Hahalua is the Hawaiian Name of the Manta Ray. Its two cephalic lobes on the sides of its face help funnel plankton food into its large, cavernous mouth. Here the Hahalua glides through a sea of aqua light.
  • Liquid Breath (Mantas - Manta Ray) - Original
    Ref. No.: 24140 ** Price: $Buy Now - Price - $4,500 ** Size: 30"x40" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: It's an incredible experience to be among the mantas as they swirl in backwards summersaults through the evening tide. Every pass through the plankton filled sea fills them with nourishment. With gill slits opened this manta takes a large sip of liquid breath. Inspired by a photograph by Lee Rentz.
  • ‘Ilio Kai Honu (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17697 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 48x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A pair of Honu, basking peacefully at the waterline, are approached by a curious monk seal. More...
  • ‘Iwa Roost (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17685 ** Price: $Buy Now - Price - $5,000 ** Size: 35x24 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Male great frigate birds build their nests and present a brilliant display of feathers and song to attract their prospective mates. More...
  • Mahina Kai (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17684 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 24x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The full moon, mahina, lures a rambling army of newly hatched honu into the sea. More...
  • Makapu'u Light House
    Ref. No.: 8868 ** Price: $ ** SOLD ** Size: 24"x36" ** Inspiration: One of the world's two most powerful lighthouses shines from the cliffs of Makapu'u on Oahu's east shore. The twelve foot hyper radiant lens sends out a beam of light that can be seen from a boat fifteen miles out to sea. In front of the lighthouse, the great frigate bird called ‘Iwa displays its seven foot wingspan. Beyond the lighthouse are the peaks of Mount Olomana and the area of Waimanalo. On exceptional days a hang glider can soar in the updrafts near the lighthouse and get this backdrop of Waimanalo. This is one of my favorite places to jog.
  • Makapu'u Lookout - Whale Season (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8865 ** Price: $4,000 ** Size: 16"x20" ** Inspiration: The path to the Makapu'u Lighthouse provides a great view overlooking the historic light and east Oahu. During the winter months humpback whales visit the islands and can often be seen at the Makapu'u area.
  • Makapu’u Centennial (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8863 ** ** Price: $4,000SOLD ** ** Size: 11x14 ** Inspiration: On October 1, 1909 the Makapu'u Lighthouse shone for the first time. Its twelve foot tall hyper-radiant lens is the largest in the world. This painting was completed on October 1, 2009 to honor the 100th anniversary of the Makapu'u Light.
  • Malia Shoals (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17377 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Emerging reefs of the northwest Hawaiian Islands reveal a cool blend of colors that transcend the depths. Inspired by my many years flying to remote field camps on refuge islands that few people see. These are the colors that feel good to me.
  • Mango Moana (Original)
    Ref. No.: 24148 ** Price: $6,000 ** Size: 48"x36" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Tropical mangos hanging by the sea
  • Mano E Kahi (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17378 ** Price: $7,000SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The first shark that welcomed me into the sea on Laysan Island was also the last one that allowed me to leave. We would have many more conversations and blessed encounters such as these.
  • Mano Kai Blue (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17379 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Mano - The shark, guardian of the deep, beauty and power riddled with twisted light. This tiger, nuihi, complements the unmistakable blue of our Hawaiian ocean. This painting has strong significance to me. Inspired by a photograph from Patrick Duvalt of Maui and a tattoo I had done by the artist Tihote in Tahiti.
  • Manu ‘Iwa (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8873 ** Price: $5,000 ** Size: 12"x16" ** Inspiration: The Great Frigate Bird or ‘Iwa is a symbol of beauty and cleansing. It is also known as a thief for its habit of stealing fish from other birds. ‘Iwa nest on the Northwest Hawaiian Islands where the male builds a nest then sings and shakes while displaying his iridescent plumage which is especially vibrant during mating season. This painting was my father's favorite. Being a "bird man" he really appreciated the feather work. He told me that after his death I could sell the original on behalf of our family.
  • Mariner's Crest (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17694 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 48x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Below the cliffs of Kilauea Point, waves crash sending salt spray adrift. A lone albatross surfs the wind. More...
  • Moana Sunset (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17380 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The excitement of the journey into the sunset. Two birds fly off into the vibrant colors of a Hawaiian sunset. A sprinkle of pink rain is accented by the silhouette of coconut palms as rows of comforting waves make their way to shore. The crescent moon resembles the hull of a celestial canoe and the twinkle of starlight announces the coming of twilight.
  • Morning Breach - Kilauea (Original)
    Ref. No.: 9696 ** Price: $ ** SOLD ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: I saw this scene from my friend's boat. This painting features a humpback whale in full breach with the cliffs of the Kilauea lighthouse behind it.
  • Na Pali Tropics (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10428 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 11x14 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The trail along the Na Pali coast of Kauai is about the most scenic the world has to offer. Along the way you will encounter long leafed pandanas trees called Hala in Hawaiian. The female Hala tree bears a fruit that resembles a pineapple. It breaks into sections and each key is like a tiny paintbrush. The Male tree has a flower called Hinano. It is believed to have aphrodisiac powers. The white tailed tropic bird called Koa‘e Kea frequently soars along the cliffs of the Na Pali coast.
  • Nai‘a Leahi (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17381 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The fluid motion of Hawaiian dolphins near the surface, are tinted with reflections of paradise.
  • NOIO (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8877 ** Price: $995 ** Size: 10"x11" ** Inspiration: An indigenous seabird, the black noddy or Noio nests in small shrubs. Because it feeds close to shore and returns home daily, the Noio is one of the birds that the ancient navigators depended on as a sign of impending land fall.
  • Ocean Pallette Original
    Ref. No.: 28368 ** Price: $4,500SOLD ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A colorful mixture of coral and sponges create a splendid pattern of tropical paint. Inspired by sea cave photos by Terry lilley.
  • Ocean Spring (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17687 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 36x48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Enjoying the shimmer of fresh spring water flowing over a salt water reef. More...
  • Orcas in Paradise (Original)
    Ref. No.: 13523 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 16"x20" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: It is not commonly known that orcas, also known as "killer whales" occur in Hawaiian waters. Actually orcas are the most dispersed mammals on Earth next to humans. Transient family pods of orca do visit Hawaii and have been photographed and recorded here on video by a privileged few. This scene is of a pod of orcas cruising through calm seas off the beautiful Na Pali Coast of Kaua'i. Though they are yet to be spotted along this coast, artist Patrick Ching is sure the scene will come true as do several of his future intention paintings such as "Hanalei Revisited" and "Manana Girl".
  • Pu'uanahulu Pueo (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8870 ** Price: $6,750 ** Size: 16"x20" ** Inspiration: Wishard Gallery in Parker Ranch Center. I often visit my cousin Anthony Texiera and family who live right across the Highway from the Pu'uanahulu Church on the Big Island's upper road from Kona to Waimea. The Church was originally located near the ocean and was later moved up mauka. The native short eared owl, called Pueo is in the foreground. The Pueo is a spiritual guardian or ‘aumakua to many Hawaiian families. This painting represents an overlap of spiritual symbols which are prevailant in Hawaii nei.
  • Queen's Bath (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17696 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 48x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A natural tide pool on Kauai fit for a queen. More...
  • Queen's Garden (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17382 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Hawaii's last reigning monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani, had a home near the place where the Moana Surfrider now stands. She brought to this area, from other places in Hawaii, some of her favorite shellfish and algae which she asked the public not to remove until they had been given a chance to thrive. In this painting of rippling water faint hints of these creatures can be noticed in her aquatic garden by the keen observer.
  • Red Horse Mauna Kea (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10430 ** Price: $ ** 4,000 ** Size: 12x24 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The setting sun shines up the slopes of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii as a pair of horses strut across a grassy ridge. Remnant patches of snowfall decorate the summit of Mauna Kea which has a pinkish glow in the distance. The modern observatories on the summit of the mountain have not yet been built.
  • Rooster Ranch (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8867 ** Price: $10,000 ** Size: 18"x36" ** Inspiration: In celebration of the Chinese year of the rooster, 2005, I painted this piece entitled "Rooster Ranch". The polo field of Waimanalo is the setting for this scene, which is home to horses, birds, cats, and Hawaiian jungle fowl known as moa. (The subtitle for this painting is The Moa is such a great bird to paint and Mount Olomana is the perfect backdrop for it. Olomana Moa bettah! My horses ‘Ilima and her son "Sunny Waimanalo" are in the distance. Lots of color, lots of work, lots of love!
  • Seal Dreams Original
    Ref. No.: 28369 ** Price: $SOLD ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: A Hawaiian Monk Seal in full slumber basks in the depths of a dream. This peaceful scene comes from the artists field sketch done when he was a ranger on the Northwest Hawaiian atolls.
  • Shadow's Secret (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17693 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 48x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: There are many things known only to Shadow, Kauai's beloved water dog, contemplating a tide pool at Secret Beach. More...
  • Shore Line Noddies (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17695 ** Price: $ SOLD! ** Size: 48x36 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Noio, black noddies, flutter above the crystal waves at the waterline. More...
  • Sunset Surf (Original)
    Ref. No.: 24149 ** Price: $6000 ** Size: 48"x36" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Nostalgic Waikiki sunset surfing.
  • Tall Glass (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17383 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 36"x48" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Looking up from beneath the blue, a tall, cool sea of glass.
  • The Pool (Original)
    Ref. No.: 12592 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 16x20 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Why are these sharks circling? Because I was in their pool. When I was a wildlife ranger on a remote Hawaiian atoll I swam out to take underwater photos of an eagle ray. The ray swam away and was soon replaced by a grey reef shark; then six sharks, then a dozen. Soon the water turned dark with all the sharks. I remember the feeling I had when I turned from being afraid to enjoying the beauty that surrounded me. Then they started bumping me and tail slapping me. So I enjoyed the fear again. When I climbed out of the water I looked back and saw this. It was a good day at "The Pool"
  • Tunnel's Wahine (Original)
    Ref. No.: 17689 ** Price: $Buy Now - Price - $8,000 ** Size: 36x48 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: From above the reef at Tunnels Beach, Haena Kauai. More...
  • UHU (Original)
    Ref. No.: 8874 ** Price: $995 ** Size: 12"x9" ** Inspiration: Parrot Fish in Hawaii are known as Uhu. They are large, colorful reef fish with a hard beak for chomping at the reef and digesting the living algae and coral. This original drawing was done for the chapter pages of The Hawaiian Wildlife Viewing Guide book.
  • West Side White Tails (Original)
    Ref. No.: 13521 ** Price: $SOLD ** Size: 11"x14" ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: This scene is from the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge lighthouse area looking west towards the cliffs of Kauapea and Anini beach. Soaring on the west side are white tailed tropicbirds. A seabird that often soars in the mountains and nest in the cliffs. Their long White tail feathers were used in ancient times by Hawaiians to decorate Kahili's or feathered standards to signal the arrival of royalty.

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