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  • Artist Opens Doors To Custom Auto Trend

Artist Opens Doors To Custom Auto Trend Patrick Ching is an internationally acclaimed nature artist who combined his love of old cars, art and the ocean to create a mobile art show. His 1961 refurbished Ford Falcon, which he uses to go surfing, is also a showcase of his oil paintings. On each of the inner door panels is a reproduction of one of Ching's paintings depicting beach scenes of his hometown of Waimanalo.

"This car makes me happy" says Ching.

"When I'm inside I'm surrounded by the scenery I love. People see the car coming and they smile. I think it's partly they enjoy seeing an old car still being loved and partly cause many of them had old falcons with special memories".

(The Falcon series was the top selling economy car of its day) The refreshing green and white paint job may also have something to do with it.

"The color makes people smile. I call it six-foot deep sand bottom lagoon green.

It's a very relaxing color that evokes good feelings.

Studio Giclic in Kailua transferred Ching's artwork onto vinyl using a highly specialized digital ink jet system. The vinyl was then
varnished making it very durable.

"The hard part was stretching it over the door panels and securing it" says Ching.

Patrick's falcon gets looks and questions wherever it goes - most of the time it can be seen outside the artists Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimanalo. Several custom car owners have asked us to create art for their inner door panels. The images decorating your favorite ride can be anything from paintings to photographs;

"Whatever makes you happy!"
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