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Patrick's Top Hawaii Art Picks

Below are some of Patrick Ching's top selling artwork.

Hidden Valley
Inspiration: Hidden Valley is an image conjured up by artist Patrick Ching from his many experiences in similar native rainforest settings. The brilliantly colored 'I'iwi perches beside a Lehua blossom of the native 'Ohi'a tree. The 'I'iwi is one of the more than 50 species of Hawaiian Honeycreeper believed to have evolved from a common ancestral species that colonized the islands millions of years ago. In the distance white tailed tropicbirds circle before a cascading waterfall, which sends a faint rainbow dancing in its mist More...
Morning Glory
Inspiration: An oil painting by Patrick Ching entitled Morning Glory. The setting for this painting is ka mana nui (the great divide) in the area of Moanalua on the island of Oahu. During the mid to late 1800s cattle were raised in ka mana nui. Scattered among the cattle were a small number of horses such as the one depicted in this scene. Horses were brought to Hawaii in the early 1800s and have since become an integral part of ranching and country living here More...
Green Peace
Inspiration: Patrick Ching's original oil painting entitled Green Peace.

On the remote Northwest Hawaiian Islands green sea turtles gather in the summer months to mate, lay eggs and bask on the warm sandy beaches. Look for this picture in Ching's book entitled HONU - Sea Turtles of Hawaii.
Honey Girl
Inspiration: A beloved sea turtle affectionately called "Honey Girl" was known to visitors and north shore Oahu residents. Honey Girl had a beautifully colored shell and sweet disposition. She was killed as a result of illegal poaching under a full moon. Many residents and volunteer turtle guardians mourned her death and celebrated her life. Her memory lives forever as all honu do. More...
Waimanalo Promise
Inspiration: A special place to artist Patrick Ching is the reef at where he resides at Waimanalo. A family canoe floats upon the emerald waters of Waimanalo during low tide. This area is a favorite home to sea turtles called Honu. Red tailed tropicbirds frolic in the sky representing the commitment between two beings. In the distance the peninsula and lighthouse of Makapu'u is lit by the afternoon sun. More...

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