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  • Patrick Ching's Painting in Paradise TV Show on OC16

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Patrick Ching's Painting in Paradise TV Show on OC16

It's been a long time in the making and my new TV show on art and nature will finally come to life. Special Mahalo to Jerry Santos of Olomana who contributed some music for the show and helped us in the original pilot we began creating over 20 years ago! (Some projects take a little longer than others)

Join me as I take local ohana exploring nature and then show them and the TV audience how to draw and paint their favorite things.

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  • January Wednesday, 1/25/2017 6:30 pm
  • February Wednesday, 2/22/2017 6:30 pm
  • March Wednesday, 3/22/2017 6:30 pm
  • April Wednesday, 4/26/2017 6:30 pm
  • May Wednesday, 5/24/2017 6:30 pm
  • June Wednesday, 6/28/2017 6:30 pm
  • July Wednesday, 7/26/2017 6:30 pm
  • August Wednesday, 8/23/2017 6:30 pm
  • September Wednesday, 9/27/2017 6:30 pm
  • October Wednesday, 10/25/2017 6:30 pm
  • November Wednesday, 11/22/2017 6:30 pm
  • December Wednesday, 12/27/2017 6:30 pm
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