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  • Patrick Ching Hawaiian Art

  • Sold Originals
  • Bellow's Inlet
    Ref. No.: 8864 ** Price: $5,500 ** Size: 11x14 ** Inspiration: ‘Ehukai is a beautiful horse that lives near the Hawaiian seashore. The word ‘ehu is commonly used in Hawaii today to refer to ocean-bleached or reddish tinged hair. Literally ‘ehu means spray or mist. Kai is the Hawaiian word for "sea". ‘Ehukai, in this case refers to sea spray which causes the hair bleaching of this horse that lives by the sea
  • Fresh Waimea Greens
  • Glimmering Tide (Original)
    Ref. No.: 10861 ** Price: $1700 ** Size: 16x32 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: NEW RELEASE 5/1/2012 - Glimmering Tide is a scene from one of my favorite surf spots. In the foreground the leaves of the false kamani tree turn red before they fall in the winter. In the distance the coconut trees loom over a perfect wave that seems to fade into the glimmering sea.
  • Kalihiwai
  • Lavender Sky
  • Red Tails Over Moku’ae’ae - Original
    Ref. No.: 9854 ** Price: $ ** $3000 - Sold - 1/11/2012 ** Size: 11"x14" ** Inspiration: Directly off the Kilauea Point lighthouse is a tiny islet called Moku’ae’ae (literally: fragment frothing in the rising tide). When the waves come from a certain direction a blowhole occurs off its right point. During the Spring and Summer months, red tailed tropicbirds called Koa‘e ‘Ula gather and fly in courtship patterns around Kilauea Point. They squawk happily and appear to fly in backward circles. Artist Patrick Ching lived and worked at Kilauea point and loves the sound and sights of tropicbirds in courtship flight at mid-day.
  • Sandy's Seal
  • Shearwater Moon
    Hawaii's Nature Artist!

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