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The word gicle'e (pronounced jee-clay) is a French word meaning "fine spray". The Louvre Museum in France utilizes gicle'es when certain original paintings are too fragile for public display. Gicle'es are the highest quality reproductions attainable. Even to a trained eye they are often indistinguishable from original paintings.

Two reasons for this are:

1. They are sprayed onto canvass with millions of tiny airbrushed dots capturing the vibrancy and luminosity of the original.
2. The artist often highlights details of the gicle'e with actual paint and brush, creating real texture and original paint, making each gicle'e unique.

The biggest difference? Price. An unframed gicle'e may sell for one tenth to one twentieth the price of an original. This makes it a very affordable way to decorate your living area with excellent, long-lasting art.

Framed "Waimanalo Beach" Gicle'e

It all starts with an original painting that is scanned digitally and color adjusted to the satisfaction of the artist. Then it is literally sprayed onto a canvas via thousands of tiny airbrush nozzles, much like a computer ink jet printer but a very large and expensive one; specially designed for art reproduction.

This new process is a delight to artists who can finally have their art reproduced with much better clarity than was attainable from offset lithography that utilized mechanical printing presses. High quality, fade resistant inks are used and a durable U.V. varnish is applied to protect the gicle'e.
Patrick Ching's gicle'es are then detailed and signed by the artist using permanent acrylic paints.

International recording star Kealii Raechel and his "Ka ‘Io Kilakila" gicle'e

What is the difference between a limited edition and an open edition?

In limited editions, only a certain number of gicle'es will be made
of a painting in a specified size. A number followed by a slash then another number is an indication of a limited edition.

The number on the left of the slash indicates what number in the edition this art piece is. The number to the right of the slash indicates how many prints are in the edition.

If no number is present on a gicle'e it is an open edition or not limited. Most of Patrick Ching's paintings are available in open editions at smaller sizes and limited editions in larger sizes.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies each gicle'e that is sold. This certificate will state the particulars of the edition sizes and will be signed by the artist.

The letters AP before the numbers means "artist proof". AP's are generally more detailed and more expensive than the regular edition.

Patrick Ching will often camouflage the numbers in his limited edition gicle'e's so that viewers will not readily know they are looking at a reproduction.

Add the perfect finish to your Patrick Ching Gicle'e With a Classic Solid Koa Frame

The illustrious Koa wood grows only in Hawaii. You won't find it at a mainland frame shop. Choose between a forest green or ivory suede liner topped of with a gold accent filet.
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