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  • Jan Berg
    Patrick's Nature Painting Instruction Video - 26 videos is absolutely awesome. I highly recommend painters are all levels complete these videos to learn his techniques for mixing paint and painting sky, clouds, rainbows, distant mountains, trees, fruits/flowers, sea creatures, birds, horses, water, and more. I combined two of his videos to paint the birds and added a second stallion to his palomino painting. Click here to view images...
  • Dawn Steele Bain
    Date - 2/5/2018
    Love Genesis Paints - that don't dry until you set them. Thanks Patrick Ching for introducing them to me in your incredible painting workshops! I've purchased his 26 video instruction series... best purchase in 20 years!
  • Gary Hirst
    I finished my first painting. I attached it so you can have a look. I have to tell you that your video and the advice and direction that it contains are GREAT!!!!
  • Janice Berg
    I thoroughly enjoyed the two painting classes I took from you and look forward to taking more. I witnessed you help others with little or no painting experience complete beautiful pieces of art in just one session. Your teaching style is informal and entertaining. Your video is fabulous; I've watched it several times. I painted this painting (below) along with you from your video. Please make more videos - the next one should be a crashing Hawaiian wave!
    View more testimonials...
  • Zilka Terrientes
    I watched your video and it is wonderful. I have enjoyed so much seeing you explained step by step how to get beautiful sky, sea, mountains, it has been a wonderful learning experience!
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    Regards, Zilka View more testimonials...
  • Tracey Ekker
    I am just about to sit down once again and go through the DVD that Brett, my boyfriend, has given me for a present. I love it!!! We are having so much fun with it and it is tranporting us back to the Kauai days and all of the magic and fun of painting the Kileaua Lighthouse with you. Brett says hi! I wanted to compliment you on such a great job with the DVD's. I have my canvas and paints in front of the TV and you make it so easy to paint right along with the DVD. View more testimonials...
  • Penny Jane - Australia
    I loved your DVD and have played disk one and disk two several times. The instruction is very clear and creatively presented which makes it fun and easy to learn. What an amazing part of the world you live in. Thank you for sharing your technical knowledge and experience, your generous and appreciative spirit shines through and inspires me to really see nature and paint it. View more testimonials...
  • Jennifer Belote - California
    I have been a marinelife artist for over 15 years and just got done watching your dvd 'painting nature'. I was absolutely thrilled with your dvd. I learned a lot and am considering purchasing your oils your use. The dvd is one of the best artist dvds on the market! thanks, Jennifer. View more testimonials...
  • Michelle Amendola - Hanalei, Hawaii
    Hello Patrick,I want to thank you for making and sharing your painting techniques in this very useful and well prepared DVD. Really, words aren't enough, I just yesterday began viewing your DVD. You have truly been blessed with a gift and I feel entirely privileged to be on the receiving end of it. We've been up here skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains for almost a month now and finally sat down with the DVD. WOW!!! I cannot wait to begin a new painting - I brought all my "stuff"! You are so right about the colors in Hawaii being unique. I'm going to have a bit of a challenge converting from "Hawaii" blue to the Sierra Nevada light; being at 9,000 feet (base of the mountain!) the sky is much lighter blue and, of course, instead of 50,000 shades of green, we have 50,000 shades of white snow, with the deep shadows of giant pine trees, redwoods and cedar up here. It's all God's pallet...You have inspired me all the way. Thank you again. View more testimonials...
  • Yvonne Sargent - California
    So far I've seen the first DVD clear through. I've always wanted to try painting landscapes but know absolutely zilch so just put it at the back of my mind. My schedule is packed tight so I doubt I would ever have taken the time to try to do a class locally. I love your paintings so I thought I'd take a chance on the DVD's, really didn't know what to expect but figured it was worth a try.

    All I can say is, wow, what a wealth of information in that first DVD, it's just incredible! And something that maybe others haven't commented on - thank for you for being so friendly in it, you have a really laid-back, fun way of teaching. It's obvious you love what you do, and I imagine you've instilled that love in many other people along the way. View more testimonials...
  • JoFay Umbhau - Hawaii
    Mahalo plenty for the DVD. It was totally worth the short wait and I absolutely love it. It has inspired me to pick up my brushes and get started again since I have been on a little hiatus. You and your crew did a very professional job in the filming and producing of this DVD and I am duly impressed.

    As an artist, I have always been about watching someone paint and then trying to emulate their technique and this is perfect! I admire your entrepreneurial talent, always evolving! Keep up the good work.

    Happy New Year!
    JoFay Umbhau View more testimonials...
  • Cindy Baker Miniat
    I got my DVD's today and can't stop watching! I'M SO EXCITED to paint again!! Thank you for your hard work and inspiration to all of us artists Patrick. LOVE IT!! View more testimonials...
  • Sally Howell - California
    ..I just received my new DVD. I'm so excited... Thanks so much for who you are and what you do... Your joy and love of all nature reach across the ocean. View more testimonials...

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