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Take your art to a higher level! - Use GENESIS™ Artist Oils
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Patrick Ching calls GENESIS™ Artist Oils "the best artist paints in the world." Some of its many advantages are:
  • It never dries until you want it to.
  • It's non toxic and odorless.
  • It's durable. It won't crack like oils. It has superior lightfast qualities.
  • It's mistake proof. Wet paint can be wiped off previously dried paint at any time.
  • It dries to true color. There is virtually no color shift between wet and dry paint.
  • It's cost efficient. It is comparable to oils but no wasted paint. You can save specially mixed colors.
  • It's time efficient. You spend less time mixing paint and cleaning and more time painting. It dries on command.

Once Genesis™ paint is dried its finish is durable and permanent, still, the artist may apply as many layers of paint as he or she wants. One big advantage of using GENESIS™ paint is until the paint is dried it may be altered or totally removed if the artist desires. This quality is really beneficial if the artist is not happy with the new addition or if the artist accidentally got paint where it wasn't wanted. At any time before the paint is heat set, the artist may remove it by rubbing it off with a sponge or paper towel dampened with the thinning medium.

This painting at one point had more blades of grass in front of the owl. Patrick decided to remove and rearrange some of the grass until he was satisfied with the composition.


For many years Patrick has taught the skill of painting to beginners as well as professional artists.

PROBLEM: Students using acrylics had a difficult time wet blending because the acrylics rapidly dried while the students tried to learn to blend the paint. Students using oil paints would complete a layer of painting and not be able to paint for the rest of the class because oil paints usually take days to dry between layers.

SOLUTION: Genesis paints never dry until you want them to. An artist may take hours, weeks, even months to blend colors. When the artist is ready to dry a layer of paint it can be done in minutes. Then the next layer of paint can be immediately applied.

Because Genesis doesn't dry on the palette you don't need to waste any paint. You can save specially mixed colors for as long as you want


Having paint that dries when you want it to is such a miracle. This is the reason Genesis paint was invented.

Genesis paints cure when heated to about 250° F ( ° C). Heat drying is a blessing, not a drawback. Some people are apprehensive about heat setting their paintings because it is something unfamiliar to them. Don't let fear of the unfamiliar stop you from getting to know the most beneficial artist paints ever developed. The heating process is easy to understand and you will get comfortable with it very quickly.

A DRYING GUN is great for spot drying or for drying small paintings. It is not recommended for drying large areas because of the time it takes and the possible uneven distribution of heat. Patrick uses a drying gun for most of his drying. Hair driers are not recommended because they are generally not hot enough or may "burn out."

Your good ol' OVEN is great for drying any painting that you can fit inside it. Simply pre-heat the oven to 250° and place the painting in the center. Most paintings will dry in about 5 minutes at this temperature. Thicker paint applications may take longer. Genesis paint will not harm your oven or poison your food. It is normal to see steam rising off your painting as the moisture leaves it. Let the painting cool at room temperature and do not rub or paint on the surface until it has cooled and hardened.

I highly recommend using a DRYING BOX for anyone who wants to fuly utilize the benefits of Genesis paint., My drying box consists of a 30"x40" rubberized heating blanket with a wooden box built around it. The blankets can be gotten for about $200 and the materials for the box may cost up to $40. A box is simple to construct - see drying box plans - and will evenly and thoroughly dry paintings up to 30"x40".

CONVEYOR BELT DRYERS like the kind used for drying T-Shirts are great for classroom or workshop situations. I run my conveyor belt dryer constantly throughout my workshops and students can dry their paintings by running them through a couple times. For final drying I recommend using an oven or a drying box which slowly and thouroughly dries and binds the paint.


I've watched and participated in the evolution of Genesis paints since its conception in the late 1980's. For what I want from an artist paint, Genesis far surpasses acrylic and oil paints, and I am so happy to be using it for my professional art as well as in teaching art. I enjoy sitting down at my easel with a kaleidoscope of wet paints at my fingertips, painting until I gotta go, then leaving my brushes as they are knowing that when I return they'll be waiting for me just as I left them.

Soon you will be able to order all of the Genesis paints and accessories through the website. Until then, feel free to contact us and we will gladly take your order over the phone.

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GENESIS® Basic Palette Paint Kit w/heat gun
  • GENESIS®Basic Palette Paint Kit w/heat gun
Price: $260.00
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Total: $280.00

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GENESIS® Basic Palette Paint Kit / DVD / Brush Package
(sold separately $445 - $50 Saving)Includes:
  • GENESIS®Basic Palette Paint Kit w/heat gun
  • Six Signatures Brushes - These are the actual brand of brushes that Patrick Ching uses in his best oil painting
  • One 2" hake brush
  • Patrick Ching Art Instruction Video / DVD
Price: $395.00
Shipping: $20.00
Total: $415.00

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GENESIS® Basic Palette Paint Kit w/heat gun and Signature Brushes
(sold separately $345 - $20 Saving)Includes:
  • GENESIS®Basic Palette Paint Kit w/heat gun
  • Six Signatures Brushes - These are the actual brand of brushes that Patrick Ching uses in his best oil painting
  • One 2" hake brush
Price: $325.00
Shipping: $20.00
Total: $345.00

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#PC - 2500

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Patrick Ching signature paint brush set of six brushes
These are the actual brand of brushes that Patrick Ching uses in his best oil paintings. SOLD OUT
Price: $85.00
Shipping: $8.00
Total: $93.00

Tips for Varnishing Genesis Heat set Oil Paint

There is only one varnish I know that is compatible with Genesis Paints. Acrylic Polyurethane Air Dry Varnish or Benjamin Moore's Stays Clear Acrylic Polyurethane Varnish. Do not use spray varnishes as all of them will react with the paint and keep your painting wet indefinitely. (forever!)

The best application of varnish is through a spray gun and air compressor. Do a thin coat followed by a couple thicker coats.
  • Make sure your painting is thoroughly dry.
  • Remove dust with a soft brush or cloth.
If you don't have a compressor set up, then use the brush method.
  • Have a clean, soft bristled Haake Brush and smack it around to remove loose hairs.
  • Dip the brush into the Air dry varnish or Benjamin Moore's Stays Clear Acrylic Polyurethane Varnish. Brush with level strokes in one direction like up and down or side to side. Brush for about a minute to keep varnish thin. Small gaps in the varnish may form. Keep brushing to minimize them but stop brushing before varnish starts to harden (the gaps will disappear with further layers of varnish).
  • Let that layer dry for a couple hours and keep away from dust while drying. Lean it against a wall facing downward.
  • Wash the brush well with water and then flick excess water out. Let brush dry before applying next layer.
  • Repeat varnishing by stroking the next coat in the opposite direction as the previous coat. If there are no more gaps occurring stop with this coat. If, after two coats there are still gaps, apply one more coat later.
  • Let dry a couple days before framing.

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