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  • Marilyn Luipold
    Date - 9/24/2012
    I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your guidance and patience this past Saturday at the workshop. I really enjoyed the time and look forward to participating again. On the big time fun side - no one believes I did the little monk seal painting! My friend that took the photo wouldn't believe it. I do give your instruction and guidance ample credit... and they still don't believe! I hope to be able to continue to work on some oil basics... brushwork and mixing etc., and when I manage a workshop again to be able to learn even more. Again, thanks.

    Marilyn Luipold
  • Dr. Dawn Steele
    Date - 8/13/2012
    The valuable techniques taught by Patrick are ones we can use for a lifetime. He has generously shared his lifetime experiences and knowledge, and if you pay attention, you too... can be an artist! I've asked Picasso to scoot over a wee bit now... Thank you
    Patrick. Dr. Dawn
  • Jan Berg
    Date - 8/1/2012
    I want to thank you again for the great class. I learned a lot and you are an excellent instructor. I really hope to get to take another class from you soon. I particularly enjoyed getting to take two days...

    Jan Berg
  • Pamela Trump
    Date - 8/1/2012
    Patrick, I just wanted to thank you for the workshop. The more I look at the painting, the more amazed I am that I had anything to do with it. And, other people have said the same thing too LOL. Thanks again! I'm looking forward to watching the DVD and using the kit i bought from you. More importantly, I'm looking forward to taking another workshop from you, hopefully next time in Kauai!
    Pamela Trump
  • Yulia Timofeev
    Date - 7/18/2012
    Patrick is a very nice in person. First, I doubted to take a class or just a DVD. But in class I was happy that I took it. Patrick was able to give me personal advices for my mistakes, which I'd be making without his attention. This class is a very pleasing way to spend 4 hours, especially here in Kauai. I would recommended it to all!!! Thank you Patric for sharing your time and knowledge! ALOHA!

  • Susanne Friend
    Date - 7/1/2012
    Today is Tim's 60th birthday, and he got my "Tropic Bird" painting, the first oil painting of my entire 48 years, painted in it's entirety in your incredible one-day workshop.

    I presented it to him in front of our training participants, composed of 30 people who've come from all over the world to learn about aquaponics - our area of expertise is sharing the possibility of relocalization of our food supply - sustainably.

    He cried when I gave him the painting. Big tears of sheer delight. He was moved beyond words. Jack, our 11 year-old, also presented Tim with the painting he created - also his very first, but certainly NOT his last!

    THANK YOU for the incredible workshop. THANK YOU for sharing so freely what you have learned. You are a Master...defined in a powerful way as One who shares all they know, so that others may stand on their shoulders, and whose hands may create even more inspiration and Life. Thank you for being willing to let me stand on your shoulders.

    Most accomplished artists "hold on to their aces", and are afraid of competition. You harbor no such fear, and come from a powerful place of sharing your manao (knowledge) with powerful mana (spirit)

    Susanne Friend
  • Ashley Mull
    Date - 12/08/2012
    I attached a picture of the painting you helped me create last weekend. I learned a lot and am really pleased with how the work turned out. Looking forward to painting more.
  • Arlee Roman
    Date - 10/16/2011
    My sister in law and myself took Patrick's 4 hour art class on beautiful Kauai this past summer. I had never painted before but my sister in law had been painting her whole life. Patrick's compassion, patience and humor helped me to paint my first painting. My sister in law learned some new things which she is using in her art. Patrick is an amazing teacher. Thank you Patrick! Aloha, Arlee Roman
  • Debra Greenwald
    Date - 9/17/2011
    Thank you so much for the class you gave at my home last week. It was such a delight to have you here, not to mention a great honor! I hope we can do it again next year.
  • Barbara Dotson
    Date - 8/27/2011
    I so enjoyed the workshop I took from you in June in Kauai. Thank you for your wonderful instruction as you guided me through painting the Kilauea Lighthouse from the angle we see it from my cousins' home on the north shore. Thank you also for coming to Karen's home to deliver the painting after you put the protective finish on it. That was a real treat for us...

    I have told my family and friends that the time spent with you, under your tutoring, was certainly the highlight of this last trip to Kauai for me. It was such an honor to be in the workshop of such a master artist! Thank you.

    Barbara Dotson
  • Colette Chow
    Date - 8/27/2011
    I first met Patrick in 1997, at his store, Naturally Hawaiian. I have almost every piece of literature Patrick Ching has authored,illustrated. I have used them in my literature, science, social studies and Hawaiian studies classes. They are factual, instructional,sensitive to Hawaii's frail creatures and environment, appealing to children both in color and story content. Patrick Ching's work expresses and shares his knowledge and personal experience with the creatures and environment.

    Many of my fourth grade students of Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School, had the privilege of art classes with Mr. Ching, on campus. Mr. Ching is not only a great artist and appealing author, but is gifted with teaching skills, as he relates well to children, keeps their attention and builds everyone's self-esteem in drawing. An' I can draw attitude!'

    I own many of Patrick's works, even though in affordable print sizes. I love the beauty, peace, serenity, detail of his works. Some paintings take me to places I have not physically visited,but feel as though I have thru his work. Many of his drawings/paintings introduce me to creatures I have not experienced outside of textbooks, but he paints them in their habitat, in such a remarkably sensitive way that makes them 'come to life.' The combined efforts of Patick and his mom, in the work,Master's of the Heart is awesome and inspirational.

    Lastly, Patrick Ching, has brought a sprit of kindness,caring, generosity and spiritual inspiration to both myself and my students, that we hope to spread to others and to nature.
  • Cher Foerster
    Date - 9/17/2011
    Maururu Patrick:
    We in Tahiti thank you for your wonderful energy and love of art.
    All the kids you taught on Moorea, Tahiti are so happy with their paintings. You know, Taimai, wishes you were her teacher....
    So return soon..
  • Chris Cot
    Date - 7/16/2011
    Art Supplies/Tools:I have been painting all my life, yet meeting Patrick when I had a day off from a job I was working on in Oahu has inspired me to do more creative painting for fun in between the painting I do for clients. He has been generous with his time and tips on using the Genesis paints really minimizing the learning curve. When I got the package of his brushes, I dropped everything and started painting! The brushes are a pleasure to use and make me really feel confident when I start painting. Even some close friends have commented " I didn't know you did "REAL" art"! I wish I was painting now instead of in this meeting!~Mahalo for everything Patrick!
  • Laura Colman
    Date - 5/15/2011
    Art Class:I was sooo excited when I stopped by the small gallery in Princeville during our recent stay on Kauai to learn Patrick would be there offering classes. I was not disappointed. I recently took a class in acrylics so
  • Georgette Yaindl
    Date - 5/15/2011
    Art Class:The smiling accomplished faces of his students and their brilliant paintings is the best testimonial. Look at all of them and theirs in this e-newsletter just received (read May 16, 2011)! Patrick is the real and whole dealio and a constant inspirie-ation! aloha
  • Anna
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Hi Patrick: Would like to thank you for the private painting lesson on Friday. I picked up quite a few tips from you and will apply all I learned to future paintings. I am sure it will improve my painting technique greatly. You are an excellent instructor. Thank you so much for your patience. I look forward to more lessons in the future. Please keep me posted on future workshops...
  • Grace
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Thank you for the gifts you gave me ~ your precious time to teach, you guiding hand ~ but most of all your "Aloha" spirit and encouragement.
  • Denni Gaeth
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Thank you so much for inviting me and my friends to the Patrick Ching event. His experience and knowledge about the North West Hawaiian Islands, (Papahanaumokuakea) was so enjoyable to listen to and his way of sharing his artistic insight that was inspired by different areas of the whole island chain by the sights and the creatures living there well, that was done with such humor and interest making the time just fly by!

    Also, having all of us participate in drawing techniques, affording us to step into an artists shoes even for one evening; that was not only awe inspiring but, maybe it will in fan a spark of courage into a full blown flame in someone that maybe was just toying with the idea of becoming an artist. It's obvious that he does not feel threatened by the off chance that he does create that spark in someone whom someday may become another successful artist. To me that shows not only does he have a good heart, is truly a really good guy and a successful leader but, is a true professional in every sense of the word! Thanks so much for having him come to the center!
    Love and Aloha
  • Lori Samapio
    Date: 4/19/2010
    Wanted to thank you for so generously sharing your extensive training and talent. I had always wanted to paint, but never took the time because I figured it would take tons of classes to have a finished product. I loved the way you share your gift... allowing me to walk away with something I am proud of! I'm definitely telling everyone I know about your classes, art & generous spirit.

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