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I have a new image release this month, Ka ‘O‘o Mau Loa... details below. Spring is almost upon us and you may notice the weather changing, birds singing, and hey, even I’m singing! As the season of color comes upon us we are celebrating with more art classes, new paintings and a lesson on the basics of color, the color wheel.

I hope you will be in close touch with the artist within you and be a spark that ignites the imaginations of the people around you. Thank you for your friendship and for enjoying and ordering my art. I especially enjoy doing those special request personalized autographs.


FEATURED NEWS (back to top)

New Release - Ka ‘O‘o Mau Loa: (back to top)

Ka ‘O‘o Mau Loa is the name of my latest painting featuring the extinct Oahu Oo Bird among native plants like the Kolea and red hibiscus Hau Hele Ula.

My Friend Rick Barboza commissioned this painting and named it after his son Chaz-Damiaan Ka ‘o‘omauloa. The painting was presented to the family at his first birthday luau. This new release 20% off special until 4/1/2011. Click here for more details and to buy.

Patrick Ching’s Artistic Insight (back to top)

The Color Wheel

Primary Colors are red, yellow and blue. This is where color begins. You cannot mix any colors together to make blue, or to make yellow, or red.

Secondary colors are a mixing of two primary colors such as blue and yellow to make green, red and yellow to make orange, and red and blue to make purple.

Tirtiary Colors are a mixing of three colors; a primary color mixed with a secondary color. Tirciary colors include red orange, yellow orange, blue green, yellow green,
blue purple and red purple.

One of the most important lessons of the color wheel is complementary colors. These are colors that lay opposite of each other on the color wheel and in effect “make each other look good”. The complement of blue is orange, the complement of red is green, the complement of yellow is purple. Complementary colors are often used to tone each other down. Mixing complementary colors will get you a beautiful brown color.

A color wheel is a tool created to show how colors affect each other. In high school we laughed at our teacher for making us do the color wheel. Today I use the information I learned from the color wheel every day of my artistic life. So make up a color wheel and sleep with it under your pillow!

Kaeo’s Lookout Open Again (back to top)

I’m so glad the look out is open again above Makapuu Bay. These are the Waimanalo surfers who check it regularly. I’m the white boy with the glasses. My friend “Brother” to the left, Pakeh in back, Duelly to the right, Then our beloved Ka‘eo who recently went to surf the perfect waves in heaven, and Kalai far right.

SENDING ALOHA to our friends in Christchurch New Zealand (back to top)

Our prayers and Aloha goes out to our friends in New Zealand who recently suffered a massive earth quake that killed many people. About twenty of us traveled to South Island when I clowned the Methven Rodeo. I haven’t yet been able to contact several of the people who hosted us and took care of my friend Jeremy after he got Puka Head at the Rodeo. We stayed in Christchurch (hospital) for a while. We hope our friends in Christchurch recover quickly and our condolences to the families who lost loved ones.

Maui Festival of the Arts at the Ritz Kapalua April 22-24 (back to top)

I am looking forward to participating in the prestigious festival of Hawaiian Arts in Maui. It has been an honor to participate for the past three years.

Come to Maui and join me and many other artists in a classy event of music art and culture. This year the theme celebrates our ‘aumakua or ancestral guardians in animal form.

Ohana Art At Princeville, Kauai (back to top)

Ohana style Art Classes are a family fun hit at our Naturally Kaua‘ian Gallery. A variety of teachers including Sally Stuffman, Wendy Winkler and Myself instruct these affordable art exploration sessions.

Patrick Ching Art Tips Air on Kauai (back to top)

Ryan and Steve from KVICTV filmed and produced four new TV segments showing people my insider secrets about painting Hawaiian wildlife..

Patrick Ching’s Original Painting Commissions (back to top)

Patrick Ching is now securing all the original painting commissions that he can paint in the upcoming 2011 year.

If you are interested in owning a “Ching” Original click here for terms of procurement, pricing and more. . If you ever wanted to commission a Custom Painted Patrick Ching Original, The Best Time is Now! First come... first served.


Patrick Ching Art Schedule (back to top)

MARCH 2011 SCHEDULE (link to signup below)

March 26, 2011 - KAUAI - 10:30am - 2pm
Title: Painting Workshop
Location: Ohana Art Class Painting with primaries
Cost: : $20

March 27, 2011 - KAUAI - 10am - 2pm (SOLD OUT)
Title: Painting Workshop
Location: Princeville Center along Kuhio Highway
Cost: : $75 plus $11 for materials

March 30, 2011 - KAUAI - 10am - 2pm
Title: Painting Workshop
Location: Princeville Center along Kuhio Highway
Cost: : $75 plus $11 for materials


Art Class Photos (back to top)


WEBSITE NEWS (back to top)

New Social Media Links (back to top)

We have added a new feature on every page of our website where you can Facebook "Like" or Tweet any page! These links will also give you the enhance option to add comments when you click on it so you can let your friends know what you think. Great way to support Patrick Ching and let your friends know all that Patrick Ching has to offer!


Patrick Ching Testimonials Webpage (back to top)

We have launched our testimonial page! This page features testimonial for Patrick Ching's Art Class & Workshops, his books as well as for Hawaii Art.

For over 32 years, Patrick Ching have been serving the Hawaii art community, collectors, enthusiasts and more and has enriched so many lives with his work. Unfortunately, we haven't documented many of the testimonials from thousands of people that Patrick has served throughout the years.

We now want to get the word out and build Patrick Ching's testimonials so please consider submitting one about Patrick's art, his art classes, books and more.

We appreciate your support!.


Hire Patrick Ching (back to TOC)

Did you know you can hire Patrick Ching? Whether it is a private art class or a rare vacation experience make it a great one with Patrick Ching. Patrick's Areas of expertise include Art instruction and consultation, Wildlife knowledge, Horsemanship, Bull riding, Surfing, Snorkeling and Entertainment.


Online Signup for our Yoga and Free Hawaii Art Classes (back to top)

We have added an online registration system for both our Yoga and Free Hawaiian language classes at our Waimanalo location. Here are the links:

  • Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:45pm, Wednesdays, Fridays 8:15am-9:30am
    Strength, Balance, and Flexibility for Every Body. Feel Better Every Day.
    $10 per class or $8 per class when purchasing 5 or more classes.
  • Free Hawaiian Language w/ Carol Silva
  • Learn to Dream, Understand and Speak in Hawaiian. Classes are free although a monetary donation is appreciated. Every Saturday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. FREE but donations welcome.

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