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  • Liz Au
    How happy we were to see your art show at the Moana-Surfrider (KAI Ocean Art Show - Waikiki) yesterday! It was wonderful to see you again and to marvel at how God has blessed your art talents immensely! It is unbelievable how beautiful and vibrant your paintings have evolved and how expressive you have grown in your art techniques over the years. I love your Hawaiian monk seal and honu paintings! I am still watching the amazing DVD and look forward to painting with you soon! Aloha ke akua, Liz
  • Fernando Rueda Izagirre
    I got today the matted prints. I have no words to express my feelings... I just order another two sets of prints. They will also be for Kelea and Mikel and I will be very grateful if you could also personalize these prints for them. I will frame all the matted prints and give them to the kids for Christmas (I have to hide them until then!). I'm sure they will love them so much.
  • Steve and Rachel Egner
    Warm greetings from Rachel and I to you... We just wanted to let you know that the Gicle'es arrived safely. Rachel uncrated them today, and they are as stunning as they were the first day we saw them. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us. These will be a permanent part of our home, and I'm sure they will lift the spirits of our guests as they do our own.
  • Kathleen Kelly
    While on Kaua'i last week, my husband purchased for me, the print of the painting of the seal in the clear water playing with a green ball. I am a former art instructor, and I used to own an art supply store as well, so I too am talented, but I respect your talent immensely! Had I known sooner, I would have taken a workshop with you! NEXT TIME! Also, please note the lovely lady who was working at your gallery when we were there was so kind. We ended up buying her version of the green church (where she told us she got married). Nice friendly staff!

    Kathleen Kelly
  • Vivian Shanney
    Patrick Ching's artistry is superb. He have caught the essence of what Hawaii is. The details in the artwork is beautiful. When I look at one of Patrick Ching's masterpieces, I think of such fond memories and I can't wait to visit Hawaii again soon.

    Vivian Shanney
  • Kent
    Date - 11/19/2012
    Art: Received " Hidden Valley " matted print today in excellent condition. I am very pleased with it. Thank you so much for the personalization you kindly penned for us. This print will serve as a constant reminder of the memorable times we had at Kokee State Park and the Alakai Swamp. ...And, I'm excited about the prospect of Hawaiian experiences to come.

  • Jessie Still
    Date - 7/22/2012
    Art: I love Patrick Ching's artwork!. He captures, in exquisite detail, the essence of Hawaii's diverse flora and fauna. I saw a print by Patrick Ching recently of a scene depicting a waterfall, mountains, and Hawaii's beautiful I'iwi bird. IMHO, the striking RED and Black of the I'iwi bird make it one of the world's most beautiful and graceful creatures of flight. Ching's depiction of the I'iwi bird was so realistic, I was certain it would take flight at any second!

    Jessie Still
  • Mark Wylie
    Date - 6/27/2012
    Art: Mahalo Patrick! Thanks for the order receipt confirmation. I really enjoy your wonderful paintings! I purchased one of your signed "Honu Kisses" prints right before Christmas last year at Kilauea Lighthouse's gift shop, where you had a table set up with your prints. I recently hung the print in our guestroom, and it has received many glowing compliments. Just thought you would like to know. You do amazing work!

    Mark Wylie
  • Katrina Kirkpatrick
    Art Patrick is one of my very favorite Artists. As an accomplished artist myself, he is only one of few I have collected prints. Someday I hope to take a class while visiting Hawaii! I love, love his work.

    Reno, Nevada
  • Colette and Gerald Mitchell
    Your paintings arrived safely here in Canada...we are extremely happy with both of your wonderful paintings, and we think your talent is just amazing. Your Lumahaibiscus painting is exceptional, and the colours are particularly cheerful. We will be placing this picture above the fireplace where is will be constantly admired.
  • John J Megara
    Art - I purchased a print as a graduation gift in 2008 as I love Patrick's work and the graduate was leaving Oahu to go to DC. It's 4 years later and she's graduating college and still considers my gift a treasure she plans to keep forever.Mahalo and Aloha Patrick
  • Lucille Emerick & Kim Archer
    Date - 2/22/2012
    Art/Gift: Lucille Emerick - I'm a volunteer at Kilauea Lighthouse...I purchase one of your prints as a gift for a friend of mine who visited Kauai last year and was blessed to have swum with a turtle! I thought you might like to see how she decided to frame it. I thought she did a nice job. Your work now graces her Connecticut home.

    Kim Archer - Connecticut - It took me a good while to decide just how to frame my Honu because not only is it a stunning image deserving of a distinctive display, it will forever be a reminder of my experience while visiting Kauai. Click on image to see larger version... click here to purchase Honu Kisses
  • John J Katie and Nick Bruno
    Art We had the pleasure of meeting you while on our honeymoon in Kauai. Thank you again for posing for a picture with us. We love the painting we purchased that day!! You had mentioned that you would like it if we could email you the picture we took, so we attached it to this email.
    Thank for the picture you signed!
  • Karen McGarrah
    Date - 6/27/2011
    Art:I have been purchasing your art work since the days of your selling in the Market place. As you can see, I am quite a collector of your fine paintings and receive great and wonderful comments on them all when I have visitors in my home. I come to the island at least once per year and never leave without a Patrick Ching underarm or being shipped.... Many, many happy wishes. I look at my collection everyday and am reminded of the beautiful islands and the wonderful time I have when I am there and wonder which painting I will come home with this time.
    Karen McGarrah

  • Christopher Melton
    Date - 5/29/2011
    Art:I cannot say enough about Patrick Chings art. I moved to Hawaii in Dec of 2009 and just fell in love with his work. I have devoted myself to make my home here truly represent Hawaii with a touch of my modern feel. All of my artwork in my home will be dedicated to the work of Patrick Ching. I currently own 13 pieces and love each and everyone of them for various reasons. I have 9 pieces in shipment right now and by the time I am done I will probably own a total 30 of his works. Everyone that comes into my home loves to just walk around and look at his works. Thank you Patrick for making my transition to Hawaii so enjoyable...
  • Dan Kowalski
    Date - 1/24/2011
    Art:Hanalei Morning, Waimanalo Promise, Three Grace
    I love all the pieces...
  • Hank and Aloha Gellert
    Date - 11/28/2010
    Art: Mauna Kea
    What do I say -- beautiful, gorgeous, unbelievable, serene, majestic, Hilo -- all the words in the English language could not properly describe how I feel about our painting. You are truly a master and if Michelangelo was alive he would agree with us. Hank and I could not stop talking about it all the way home. We both are so in love with the painting and just feel so honored and lucky to have it. To see my hometown every morning and evening and every moment I like -- makes me excited from head to toe. And for you to allow me to add a few leaves to that beautiful tree is so kind of you. And to put in a Hawaiian fisherman -- auwe makes me even more excited. So if there is a day when I am blue -- I will sit and stare at Mauna Kea and Hilo and I am sure only happiness will be in my heart.

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