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  • Hawaiian Monk Seal Art And Images By Patrick Ching

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HELP THE HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL - Patrick Ching will donates 10% of each Giclée purchase that has a Monk Seal in the image to a non profit organizations whose mission is to help save the Hawaiian Monk Seal. Current non profit organization is Waikiki Aquarium. Below are Patrick Ching's artwork with Hawaii Monk Seal in the image.
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  • Hawaiian Monk Seal Artwork Images by Patrick Ching
‘Ilio Kai
Inspiration: ‘Ilio Kai (Dog of the sea). This is the first monk seal I ever met over 30 years ago. She came to me at the boat dock on Tern Island, French Frigate Shoals, Hawaii. I called her Shnooky. It was like seeing the mermaid I had been dreaming about for a long time. More...
‘Ilio Kai Honu
Inspiration: A pair of Honu, basking peacefully at the waterline, are approached by a curious monk seal. More...
Maka Nui (Big Eyes)
Inspiration: Maka Nui (Big Eyes). A young Hawaiian monk seal pup stares out of a cobalt sea with eyes as deep as time. Inspired by a photograph by Monte Costa. More...
Seal Beach
Inspiration: Mom and pup Hawaiian Monk Seals grow together for several weeks. Mom shows pup how to fish and what to watch out for. As time goes on, the pup will be left to fend for itself and hopefully grow into adulthood and perpetuate this critically endangered species that only exists in Hawaii. More...
Hawaiian Mermaid
Inspiration: Journey beneath the Hawaiian undersea paradise where a beautiful mermaid princess swims among her favorite ocean friends; a honu, a monk seal, dolphins, and fish. More...
Seal Dreams
Inspiration: A Hawaiian Monk Seal in full slumber basks in the depths of a dream. This peaceful scene comes from the artists field sketch done when he was a ranger on the Northwest Hawaiian atolls. More...
Crystal Paradise
Inspiration: Patrick Ching's oil painting entitled Crystal Paradise. Two Hawaiian Monk Seal pups play in a shallow lagoon on a remote Northwest Hawaiian atoll. To learn more about Hawaii's endangered monk seals look for Ching's book entitled The Hawaiian Monk Seal published by the University of Hawaii Press.
Dreams of Paradise - (A Honu Seal Sunset)
Inspiration: There are places where Monk Seals and Sea Turtles come ashore and occasionally rest beside each other. Monk seals will snuggle up to anything as I learned the first time I slept on the beach outside my tent on Laysan Island in the Northwest Hawaiian chain. This painting was inspired by a photograph taken by George Balazs, Hawaiian sea turtle expert. The original photograph can be seen in the book I authored called The Hawaiian Monk Seal. It was a cloudy shot that I recomposed with a Honu I saw at Punalu'u Beach, Big Island, Hawaii. I painted the scene with a sunset setting. It was a great challenge to create the multi colored sunset reflections on the animals More...
Haena Glass
Inspiration: A Hawaiian Monk Seal happens upon a glass float at the Haena district of Kauai’s north shore. Mount Makana, known as “Bali Hai” in the classic Movie “South Pacific”, is the background feature. The sparkling waters of Kauai are the perfect playground for the ‘Ilio-holo-kai or “dog of the sea”. More...
Hawaiian Atoll
Inspiration: As a wildlife ranger Patrick Ching spent a good part of his life on the remote atolls of the Northwest Hawaiian chain. This painting was done for the Conservation Council for Hawaii's 2006 wildlife poster.

The species depicted include the Hawaiian monk seal, green turtle, frigate bird, red tailed tropicbird, Laysan albatross, wandering tattler' spotted eagle rays, ulua (jack fish), Nihoa Miller bird, sooty tern, Laysan finch, earwig insect, -Miller moth, Laysan duck eating brine flies, beach morning glory flower, naupaka shrub, erogrostis grass, tiger shark beneath a black foot albatross fledgling on the water, and red footed boobie (bird). More...
Sandy's Seal
Inspiration: Hawaiian Monk seals frequent often play in the surf near Sandy's Beach. Artist Patrick Ching caught a body surfing wave at Sandy's and was surprised to see the shape of a monk seal gliding through the same wave. Though monk seals are becoming rarer they are continuing to frequent Oahu's East Shore. More...
Seal Surf
Inspiration: A rare Hawaiian Monk Seal and Green Sea Turtle enjoy a glassy day on the west side. Brown booby (birds) glide above an emerald colored wave and native fish such as the yellow, black and white Kihikihi, and red squirrel fish u'u swim beneath the surf. Seal Surf is one half of a mural done for Seagull School in west Oahu. More...

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