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Here are some books I wrote about Monk seals as I have been so enthused about them for most of my life. I am happy to see one get born at Waikiki. This historic event will teach people more about living in Coexistence.
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  • Hawaiian Monk Seal Artwork Images by Patrick Ching
Hawaiian Monk Seal
This 32 page hardcover book will show and tell you everything you'll want to know about this rare and adorable creature. Ching worked and lived with monk seals on the remote Northwest Hawaiian Atolls. More...
Story of Hina
A true story of a seal born on Kauai in 1991 while Ching was a ranger at the Kilauea Lighthouse. An educational childrens' book with a happy ending. More...
Honu And Hina: A Story Of Coexistence - Book Special - Hawaiian Children's Book Story By Patrick Ching
This new children's story, entitled "Honu and Hina," focus on the unique situations we now are presented with, as threatened and endangered Hawaiian sea turtles and monk seals inhabit beaches where they have not been seen for hundreds of years. The story pose questions to our younger generation as to how they will coexist with these precious creatures of the sea. More...

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