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  • Giclee on Canvas - Matted Print
Big Blue
Inspiration: The Big Blue Parrotfish called Uhu in Hawaiian is a symbol of prosperity. Indeed a fisherman who brings one home is hailed by the village as a master provider. In this painting the uhu exists in its naturally colorful world within the reef. The background is done in a mosaic style depicting the glimmering light that dances beneath the sea. More...
Birds of Paradise
Inspiration: Most of us know of the Bird of Paradise flower. But not many are familiar with the airplane of the same name that made the first flight between North America and Hawaii. With their navigation devices malfunctioned and guiding by the stars, the pilots overshot their destination on Oahu and were heading past the main Hawaiian Islands. In the lower horizon, they saw the steadily blinking flash of the Kilauea Lighthouse. They recalculated their course and landed safely at Schofield field on Oahu, crediting the Lighthouse with saving their mission, and their lives. More...
Coral Pallette
Inspiration: A vast selection of colors can be used to paint a Hawaiian reef. Here artist Patrick Ching chooses bright colors that can only be paled by reality. More...
Green Rows Hula
Inspiration: A play on the title of a famous Hawaiian song "Green Rose Hula", this painting features the rows of incoming waves and the surfers who dance within them. More...
Honu Sunset - Hanalei
Inspiration: As they did hundreds of years ago, the honu will return to bask on the shores of Hanalei Bay. Here the colors of the golden sunset reflect off the Honu's glistening shell with palm trees, the Hanalei Pier, and Mount Makana in the distance. More...
Moi House Blues
Inspiration: A bird's eye view of a familiar shore line with aqua blue and green sea foam revealing a hint of schooling moi (fish). Swimmers enjoy the crystal pool as waves of chance crash and swirl. More...
Sacred Breath
Inspiration: A newborn white whale calf is pushed to the surface by its mother. In the spaces of the surface reflections the Kilauea peninsula and lighthouse give a hint to the location of the sacred event. More...
Secluded Beach
Inspiration: A secluded beach and open sky is a place we all should visit. With miles of open space before us our thoughts can drift forever. More...
Tide Pool Honu
Inspiration: In the crystal aqua waters a Honu grazes on limu (algae). Fish and opihi are his friends. More...
To Feel A Sunrise
Inspiration: A treasured find is the rare Sunrise Shell which radiates many colors out from its center. It is considered extremely lucky to find one on the shore. One of the best times to come across one is at sunrise. More...

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KAI Ocean Art Show Patrick Ching

The 2016 KAI Ocean Art Show Open's January 9 to February 6 at The General Store of Hanalei Gallery (Kauai, Hawaii).

This is a "Progressive" Art Show Auction developed by Patrick Ching. This year he will create eight new paintings from January 9 -- February 6.

The original paintings will be auctioned off and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Kilauea Point Natural History Association (KPNHA). This year the proceeds from the KAI Show will be especially important to KPNHA because the Kilauea Lighthouse will be closed for three months for property renovations. The KPNHA gift shop that raises funds for KPNHA wildlife education programs will also be closed all that time. So bid early on some great new art, win FREE gicle'es along the way and help KPNHA keep doing their important environmental work.

*The first bidders of each Painting will receive a FREE $675 canvas gicle'e of your choice, EVEN if you get outbid!

*Each additional up bid of $250 receives a FREE $100 Gicle'e of your choice, EVEN if you get outbid!

*Watch me painting live on

*The Final Reception is on February 6 from 6-8pm at the General Store of Hanalei at the Ching Young Shopping Village.

*The Bidding ends on February 6 at 8pm Hawaii Time.

*See the paintings progress at which is the official bidding site for the 2016 KAI Show.

*For assistance with bidder registration contact: or call (808) 259-5354.

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