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Mantas / Manta Ray Fine Art Collection The Sheraton Kona held their inaugural Manta Week August 7 to 15.
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I enjoyed my night dives with the mantas and creating three new original paintings that were auctioned off as a benefit for the Manta Pacific Research Foundation. The spirit of the mantas can be felt throughout the hotel grounds and infuses all who go there with excitement.

The new Manta Learning Center was dedicated and I look forward to returning there soon. Mahalo to Katie Vanes and the Sheraton Kona crew, Keller and Wendy Laros, for their tireless work with Hawaii's marine life education, and Roxane Stewart and Lily Dudoit for the cultural insights they shared with me about the mantas and Keauhou Bay area.
  • Giclee on Canvas - Matted Print
Transcendence (Mantas - Manta Ray)
Inspiration: In Hawaii the Mantas, known as Hahalua, hold an elevated rank among the beings of Earth because they are able to live in the depths of darkness (po) yet leap into to light (ao). More...
Light Ray (Mantas - Manta Ray)
Inspiration: Hahalua is the Hawaiian Name of the Manta Ray. Its two cephalic lobes on the sides of its face help funnel plankton food into its large, cavernous mouth. Here the Hahalua glides through a sea of aqua light. More...
Liquid Breath (Mantas - Manta Ray)
Inspiration: It's an incredible experience to be among the mantas as they swirl in backwards summersaults through the evening tide. Every pass through the plankton filled sea fills them with nourishment. With gill slits opened this manta takes a large sip of liquid breath. Inspired by a photograph by Lee Rentz. More...

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