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"I really enjoy listening to the CD when I am eating Breakfast and during my quiet
time. The book, pictures and CD are very inspirational and encouraging. Again Thank you very much! What a blessing!"

-Takako Mead

11/12/2014 - What a collection of inspiration! I love the CD as well; a wonderful way to spend time in my car listening to the goodness of our Lord Jesus. Every poem is beautiful and inspiring. One particular phrase I loved was "There's enough of Him for everybody" from your collection, I Want You to Meet My Friend.
Indeed, Jesus is the same for everyone and His love is for everyone! Norma, thank you for sharing your gifts with us so that our Lord can be glorified.

-Megumi Ogihara
-Assistant to Pastor Klayton Ko

11/19/2011 - I meant to tell you how very much I enjoyed the interview with you and your mom on What's Happening Hawaii, KWHETV. What a wonderful and inspiring story. Your mom is precious and so talented. I'm glad your mom is well now. We are all so Blessed. I would give anything to have one more day with my mama.

From the Master's Heart certainly is God's work from both your mom and you. I just can't say enough good about you and your work. God Bless you.
-Melodie Peio Saladino


You are wonderfully endearing and we could not take our eyes off your family show...Loved it.
-Marilyn Rodgers

What a surprise! What a find! A feast for the ear!
So precious are these gifts from the Holy Spirit...
Words of comfort,
words of grace,
words of wisdom and healing
speaking straight to my heart.
To him who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying

-Lei Chee

"Tender and powerful, sweet and strong, humble and bold. These writings not only reveal the heart of the Master, they also reveal the heart of the servant."

-Leon Siu
(Musician and Composer)

"In these gentle and loving words we are encouraged to build our relationship with God. Through simple practice, in daily affirmations, we can bring ourselves to a place of peace."

-Maile Meyer
(Natvie Books, Ma Mea Hawaii)

"From The Master's Heart is more than a collection of rhythmical sayings; rather it is precious moments shared from heart to heart."

-Pastor Klayton Ko
(First Assembly of God)

"..Absolute masterpiece of psalms, poetry, prayers and art.

..a beautiful work of love and artistry.

The artwork by Patrick is absolutely fabulous,

adding to the sweetness of the poems, yet inspirational unto themselves. -Opt.

... an all-inspiring, all-healing, spiritually delightful work..." -Opt.

-Jane Dascoscos
Daly City, CA USA

"What an impact it has on any individual that reads and meditates

upon these words of encouragement, filled with inspiration of his everlasting love, -opt.

kindness and infinite wisdom."

"...Looking at the pictures and reading the poems,

you will feel the presence of our Lord..."

-Doris Shima
(Driving Instructor)

...the LORD shines his light through Norma's poetry and Patrick's art."

-Sandy Takano

"Reading these heartfelt poems inspired me

to focus on what the word of god means to me as a christian"

-Mary C. Clark
Writer, Oahu

"... a gift of writing poems inspired by the Holy Spirit.

...Refreshing ... you feel the presence of the Lord as you read and meditate on them"

-Doris Taniguchi
Hawaii Homemaker
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