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Here you can see Patrick's current work, in this special section. Watch the evolution of this original, and get to know the story behind it. (If it is not a precommissioned work, you may even have a chance to purchase the work before it's finished and before it's available in a gallery.)

Latest Project

~~Waimanalo Towards Makapu'u~~(pre commissioned)

"There's Something I love about a blank Canvas...A world of possibility. I love doing this Painting for my neighbors the Wild ohana. For research a go into the ocean in front of my studio and look toward the Makapu'u light house. I took this canvas out on the reef and did my initial sketch.

Then I painted a thin layer using the basic colors of the scene. This will be afternoon light. Now I start all over painting the things in the distance and work my way closer...

I painted the sky, clouds, distant Makapu'u Point and the mountain behind us. I start the palm trees painting them white and purple to give them contrast against the mountain in back. I will paint them again to give them real colors. Rabbit Island is painted a base coat. I will paint it again with more greenery. I'll take suggestions on a title. It usually hits me as I'm signing my name.

<4 - NA>

Here is the finished painting called "Waimanalo Promise". Sue Wild and family named it for me her son proposed to his wife here. The couple is represented by the white birds in the sky. I loved doing it so much especially because it is right in my front yard."

~~ Manana Girl ~~

This painting, includes Manana (Rabbit) Island in the background.

Manana Island is located on the Windward side of O'ahu, north of Makapu'u Point. The shape of the island actually resembles a rabbit but it was named Rabbit Island because rabbits actually live there after a rancher released the animals there. Today the island serves as a seabird sanctuary.

Manana Girl Detail -- SOLD

Start of the project....

First layer painted, Manana Island completed...

Manana Girl near completion in the Studio...

Completed work..PAU...

Past Projects

This is a working photograph I'll used for the "Makapu'u Lighthouse" painting. It was taken via helicopter with Waimanalo and Mount Olomana in the background. in the final painting, Olomana will be more visible to the left of the lighthouse and more ocean will be showing to the right of the lighthouse.

About Makapu'u Lighthouse

Hawaii's most powerful lighthouse still operates from the cliffs of Makapu'u on the eastern coast of Oahu. The twelve foot high hyperradiant lens is the only one of its kind to be used in the history of US lighthouses.

The great frigat bird or 'Iwa will also be present in this painting. It is a distinct black bird commonly seen soaring in updrafts along the cliffs of Makapu'u.

In hawaiian, 'Iwa means "thief". This bird is named so because of its parasitic habit of attacking other birds laden with fish. The terrified birds often throw up their fish at which time the 'Iwa swoops down and snatches it before it lands back in the sea.

The 'Iwa's wingspand is about 7 feet. Males are all black while female and juviniles have patches of white on them.

Patrick's Studio

Patrick's Waimanalo studio - Click barn for more info

Blank canvas 22"x36" started on 11/17/04

First layer of paint 11/18-20/04

Most of background done, working on lighthouse 12/27/04

Working on lighthouse and foreground details 2/10/05

There, it's finished ! Makapu'u Lighthouse 4/26/05

Aloha, This is Patrick Ching. "Makapu'u Lighthouse" is my second in a series of Hawaiian Lighthouses; the first of which was "Kilauea Point" shown below. Kilauea Point was featured on the Video/DVD "Secrets of Kilauea". The Kilauea Point Original recently sold.

My fondness for lighthoses began in 1984 when I first visited the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge Lighthouse on Kauai. I eventually got to work and live at the lighthouse and became intrigued with the asthetic, nostalgic, and historic romance of lighthouses.

Now that I live in Waimanalo, near America's strongest lighthouse, I'm looking forward to bringing this composition to life.

This will surely be a highly sought after piece of art. I've been planning it for a long time and am eager to finally be laying paint onto canvas. Here are some photos of the elements in the painting.


Other works in progress...

Kona Coffee 9" x 12"

Genesis oil paint on Gesso board

I'm painting these coffee beans to put on a Kona Coffee label. After that, I will paint in the background with a scene from Kona.


Waimanalo Moa Bettah' 18" x 36"

Windsor Newton Oil Paints on Gesso board

Dedicated to the year of the Rooster. Featuring the polynesian jungle fowl called Moa, in Hawaiian.

The backdrop for this painting is the Waimanalo polo field and Mount Olomana. Grazing horses and chickens will be added to the background. Flowers and vines will be added to the wooden fence.
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