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The Cowboy Draw
Because Patrick Ching is a lifetime Hawaii resident, long time horseman, and rodeo athlete, his understanding of livestock, and the Hawaiian environment comes from genuine experience.

His uncanny ability to paint horses and cattle did not come about by accident. It was actually many accidents. The years he's spent with horses and cattle have enabled him to observe these animals from every angle; including on top, behind, in front of, and quite often, underneath.

At the ripe old age of five, Patrick learned to draw horses from his dad who pointed out the subtleties that would set Patrick's apart from the other kindergarten drawings. Patrick recalls countless recesses he was trapped into drawing horses for his classmates.

Like many children he loved horses. Though some of his relatives had horses, the closest he got was riding stick ponies, cowboy hat and boots to school.

A few years after high school Patrick took and playing cowboys and Indians. He was the only kid at Pauoa elementary to wear a a job on Kaua'i as a ranger for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He lived and worked on the grounds of the Kilauea Point Lighthouse Wildlife Refuge and in Hanalei Valley. It was then that he got his first horse. A five year old Palomino Hawaiian horse he named ‘Ilima.

"The first time I rode her she bucked like a maniac- threw me off and tore my groin muscles. Patrick hobbled up to her owner and said "knock off five hundred bucks and I'll take her."

‘Ilima lived on the hill above the lighthouse and Patrick used her to patrol the 160 acre refuge. Sometimes he would tuck a surfboard under his arm ride ‘Ilima to the beach, and tie her out to a coconut tree while he surfed. He took her to the roundups on weekends to help with branding and cutting cattle.

Patrick especially loved working with the bulls because "they are the essence of masculinity." He appreciated their strength, their rippling muscles, and beauty.

It wasn't long before Patrick was riding bull's and after staying on his first one, well, he was hooked. On his fourth bull, Patrick dislocated his left shoulder. "It hurt so bad while it was torn out-when they put it back in it felt like I just gave birth."

Patrick went on to every rodeo and buckout he could, riding dozens of Hawaii's rankest bulls. Freight Train, Battle Zone, Ivory Rock, Predator, Tripple six. Some he rode, some rode him.

For the past several years Patrick has been a rodeo clown or "bullfighter" as well as a rider. His main thrill was getting to know all the bulls, watch them grow, and share in their wild time.

"I love the smell of a bulls forehead. I know it doesn't sound healthy but it's so great to be close to them. Their energy flows into me and keeps me going for days."

Later, as the main rodeo sponsors quit putting on rodeos, Patrick and his friends began to promote events on their own. In 2002 Naturally Hawaiian's 4th Of July All Star Rodeo Became the most heavily attended rodeo performance in Hawaii.

Patrick's passion for bulls and rodeo was hard on his body. Ribs, legs, arms, face, spine. After countless broken bones and shoulder dislocations he still insists he's stronger than ever. Any cowboy will tell you that Patrick Ching's renditions of horses and cattle is certainly drawn from this experience.

"My love for horses and cattle keeps growing, watching a bull buck or a horse run literally makes me cry sometimes."

Naturally Hawaiian Rodeo
Naturally Hawaiian sponsors some of Hawaii's largest Rodeos to help build our popular but rustic art school, and to benefit Therapeautic Horsemanship of Hawaii. We got Bull Riding, Barrel Racing, Cowboy Poker, Kids Games, Stick Pony Races, Music and more.

Cowboy Poker is a popular event. Last one at the table takes the loot. Get this poster autographed by the poor guy who took second place.

(Guess who??)

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