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Aloha Friends,
 I think we can say it’s the most unique Christmas season of our lifetime and that's all the more reason to find joy in every day. Yes, we are being asked to do things differently for a while and it takes creativity and discipline to get through.  I really feel we will be stronger and smarter for it and that the world will rebound in a great way.

The Art Tip this time is "Clearing the Palette". Being that this is my last letter of 2020 I feel that this subject is an appropriate tip for today.

The Makapu’u Lighthouse T Shirts are coming soon and they are really nice. Artist Nick Black did our design for the 100th Anniversary of the lighthouse which was in 2008 and we are re-releasing them in color.

The New Release painting is part of my “Beach Candy” series and this one is called “Malibu Beach Candy”.

The Painting In Paradise episode this time is on Hawaii’s elusive brush tailed rock wallabies that have been living in central O'ahu for over a century.

“Singing to Myself” is my latest song about the last 'Ō'ō bird. It now has a music video that can be seen on my Youtube channel. It’s sad but true (the story).

From now till Christmas I’ll be hosting a Live Facebook Studio Art Shows Wednesdays at five pm Hawaiian time. They'll feature an art lesson, a little bit of scenic beauty, some project updates, and music from my Waimānalo Beach studio. 

The Hi on Art Movie Party is on December 5th you are invited to join us as I MC the virtual Pre-Release Party. 

Art Frog has got a new look and wishes you a Mele Kalikimaka.

If you want to get Christmas gifts I’ll be sending out prints and book orders the day after I get them or you can pick them up from me in Waimanālo. Check the Free Print or Calendar offer I have below.

If it’s coming down to the wire you can give the gift of video lessons that can be delivered online by me to your loved ones on Christmas. I’ve put the mentoring package on special so you can get my personal communication and advice as you proceed through the course.

I think you’ll really enjoy our Favorite Photos for this Christmas edition. Have a wonderful Christmas season everyone and be extra kind to each another… especially those who erk you.
With Aloha and Merry Christmas,


Art Tip

Clearing the Palette
This Art Tip is not as much about painting as it is preparing to create at your best. Every day I make time for a habit that helps me to be my best. I call it "Clearing the Palette".

I like to start my days either surfing or climbing a mountain. It gives me exercise and space to clear my mind. Still, I do more before I take on the day. I make some time for focused prayer. I concentrate specifically on the good results I'm want from the things that are on my mind. It's not uncommon to see me there with my eyes closed and hands clasped saying "please Please PLEASE GOD!" like a kid asking hoping a new bike for Christmas.

During this time I try to shed any bad feelings I may have and come at things from the side of love and goodness. Reminding myself to be grateful is the best answer I have to combat fear. Imagining my goals accomplished puts me in a euphoric state. This is how I prepare myself for the coming day. 

How you feel while you're doing something transfers into your finished product. That is why we should think good thoughts when preparing food, and why we should start with a fresh palette when creating art.

NEW! Old Makapu'u Lighthouse

This is a colored version of the 100th Anniversary Makapu'u Lighthouse design by myself and artist Nick Black. In 2009, when the lighthouse turned a hundred, the economy was in crisis and not even the Coast guard could afford to put on a celebration to honor the lighthouse. 

I have an affinity for lighthouses and for many years lived at the Kīlauea Point Lighthouse as a wildlife ranger on Kauai. There we had a large celebration as that light turned 100. So in 2009 my friends and I held a celebration for the Makapu'u light with an art show at Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimānalo. We also arranged a hike into the lighthouse with some old time "Coasties" including Tom Dutton and Dean Hayward, shown below,  who used to care for the light.

The original T-Shirt we produced was a one color design and now it's been recreated in color. *Shirts will be ready for pick up in Waimānalo by December 20. Available in Men's White and Charcoal Heather, and Women's Turquois and Charcoal Heather.
You can see the styles and colors and Order Shirts Here.


Painting In Paradise TV Show 

Wallabies in Hawaii Episode 

Wallabies in Hawaii Whaaaaat?
That’s right! We got wallabies in Hawaii. But who, what, when, where, why, How??? 

Well, In 1916, brushed tailed rock wallabies were brought to a private zoo in Alewa Heights on O'ahu. One night some neighborhood dogs tore into the tent they were being kept in, and a male and a female wallaby escaped into the forest and started the tribe of wallabies that inhabits the cliffs of central O'ahu today.

In the 1980's I helped to catch and study the wallabies with biologist James "Skip" Lazell. My late friend, wildlife manager and artist, Mr. Ron Walker makes an appearance to tell us about the wallabies in Hawaii. Mahalo to Charles Lee who recorded Ron Walker's interview prior to his death in 2012.
Itʻs hard to determine the population of wallaby although people I talked to said it could range from 50 to 250 animals. That number may fluctuate depending on rainfall and food supply. Wallabies are pretty elusive and are rarely seen. They have been reported from Nuuanu, Kalihi, Moanalua and Halawa valleys. 

In my recent converstaions with Dr. Skip Lazell he reminded me that the Hawaii population of brush tailed rock wallaby are significantly different than their Australian ancestors. He noted the small gene pool, and unique Hawaiian environment as reasons for their rapid evolution.

If you can't see the episode on OC16tv,...
Here is a link to the episode on

"Singing To Myself" Music Video Release

As it vanished into extinction, the story of the last ʻŌʻō is truly a touching one. I wrote this song from the point of view of the last ʻŌʻō as he sings to his mate who would never again return his song.

This version was performed by Jim "Kimo" West and is accompanied by photos, art, videos and even actual recordings of the haunting song of the last ʻŌʻō. Special thanks goes to H.Douglas Pratt, Robert J. Shallenberger, Mike Scott and Sheila Conant for their art, pictures, recordings and talks we had recalling the last ʻŌʻō birds.
Hear the Song and See the Video on Patrick Ching Youtube Here:

*Teachers - Each Episode is like a Class on Art and Natural History and includes a Teachable Drawing Lesson.

Here's the Schedule for the Painting in Paradise TV Show 
on Spectrum OC16:

Mondays: Past Episode: 10am, New Episode 4:30pm
Wednesdays: New Episode: 10am, New Episode: 5:30pm
Thursdays: New Episode: 11pm
Fridays: Past Episode: 10am
Saturdays: New Episode: 5pm
Sundays: New Episode: 9am, New Episode: 11:30pm

*If you'd like to be on the show or help sponsor it you can see our
sponsorship opportunities here:

 Christmas Special FREE PRINT
A FREE 8x10" Print with Mail Orders Over $100 
Simple and sweet, get an 8"x11" Matted Print of Your Choice with any order over $100 (before shipping). The Free print normally costs $29.95 plus shipping (which you will not pay) so a $37.95 value print at no charge for orders over $100.
*Let me know if you want it signed to someone.

Mele Kalikimaka From Art Frog

ART FROG wishes you all a Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas). As you can see he has grown from a playful little pollywog into a playful teacher of art. Mahalo to animation artists Ray Jatico and Twiddle Productions for the progression of Art Frog. Stay tuned for his upcoming adventures in art and nature.
You can watch his appearance in the
ART FROG episode of the Painting in Paradise TV Show here:  

2021 Naturally Hawaiian
Art Calendar FREE with Pick Up
Orders 'till Christmas

The 2021 Naturally Hawaiian Art Calendar features a selection of twelve of my nature paintings. I'll be giving them FREE, while supplies last, to folks who picks up an order at my Waimānalo Beach Studio before Christmas. The calendars are also available through mail order from the website.

NEW Release
"Malibu Beach Candy"

This painting is part of the “Beach Candy” series of paintings that were initially painted before the influx of flying cameras.
To envision the picture, I would put my mind in a bird and looked at my favorite surf spots from above. The ocean and landscape were sprinkled with colorful surfboards, cars, beach gear and people.

These were painted in a playful style that slightly warps realism to create a pleasurable paradise. "Malibu Beach Candy" was commissioned by a Malibu surfer who also got the original of "Hanalei Beach Candy".

Canvas Gicle'es and Prints of the "Beach Candy" paintings are available at 

Live Facebook Studio Art Show Wednesdays at 5 till 2021

You can join me Live on Facebook each Wednesday at 5pm Hawaii time for an interactive experience that no-one can predict. Watch me struggle through technical challenges, barking dogs, rowdy roosters and my landlord trying to talk politics to me, as I do my best to share my artistic techniques with you.

On December 2nd I'll show you how I go about a wet oil painting of Hanalei Bay. One December 9 I'll be giving "Kimo the Christmas Horse" his winter coat!

On top of that I'll give you some positive advice and a tour of my art and products you can pick your gifts online or at my Beach Studio in Waimānalo.
I may even whistle your favorite song!
Get Your Books
Signed for Christmas

You can get your art and books personalized, cartoonized and signed to your loved ones by sending me a note with your orders on

*You can even pick up your orders at my Waimānalo Beach Studio and I'll reimburse your shipping costs. 

Mom's Love Letters from the Master and from the Master's Heart books are comforting and full of love. I help her sign them nowadays but she doesn't mind. She has such a beautiful heart.
HI ON ART Film Premier Party
December 5

 Movie Pre-Release Party December 5, 1-3 PM HST
Join us for a 2 hour celebration of art and music 

Hi Friends, I'm stoked to be co-hosting this Premier Party with fellow artist Wendy Johnson Roberts. Come join us on the Zoom Party and meet the artists in the movie as well as renowned film maker Fred Vanderpoel and Sonya Serene.
We all want to step into the shoes of someone else and forget ourselves for a while. This richly visual movie will take your mind to a place of beauty. See artists of Hawaii, through the eyes of a gorgeous young emerging woman artist, Jae. 

  Learn to value art in new ways by sharing the point of view of mentor artists like Ruben Aira, Chas Beasley, Bill Braden,
Patrick Ching, Patrice Federspiel , Eva Makk, Estria Miyashiro, Tim Nguyen, and more. 
In celebration of the release of this movie, we are creating an amazing online premiere party.  It will feature artists sharing behind-the-scenes stories, live music performances, and Q&A panels with the cast of the movie. You can order a VIP package, which includes a carefully curated box of Hawaiian treats and snacks. There is a limit of VIP packages, so order soon!

*The movie link will be sent to you during the party and you can watch it at your leisure before it's general release date of December 8, 2020.

 You can see the trailer and more TV episodes of this Hawaiian Art TV show at 

Favorite Photos 

Inside the Makapu'u lens room during the 2009 Centennial Hike.

Inside the twelve foot tall Hyper-radient Makapu'u lens.

Palette play and sprinkled surfers on "Malibu Beach Candy".

The Azar's "Honu Mosaic" Christmas chimney.

Wallaby drawing inspired by Tim Sutterfield.

Marilyn's Rainbow Hills.

With Sonya and Jae on the set of the Hi on Art Movie.

Testing Bill Braden's Hamster Wheel. Hi on Art Movie.

Brother's rock wallaby .

Sister's rock wallaby.

Kimo, Blaze and Santa of Christmas Past.

Nice to have friends in high places.

Aloha, till we hui hou...

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