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Hi Friends,
Happy 4th of July Weekend. This puts us in the heart of summer as the long warm days make for great outdoor painting sessions. We are getting familiar with safer living practices and slowly getting back to many things we did before.

The Art Tip this time is on Creating Depth in your paintings. 
For my Maui friends iʻll be at the 4th of July celebration at Whalerʻs Village Kaʻanapali signing my art and books and preparing for a new nature art project there. You know I always used to go to Maui for the 4th of July Rodeos there. Those were the days, but These Are the days too!

This year World Oceans Day was a virtual event and I was invited to teach a lesson on “How to Draw Sharks".
Thereʻs also a fun new video on How To Download Your Free Papahāhanumokuākea Song Coloring Book Pages. 

This monthʻs featured episode of the Painting in Paradise TV Show is on drawing and painting the Lehua Blossoms of the native ʻōhiʻa tree. In this episode Iʻll show you how I completed a large mosaic mural at Lehua Elementary near Pearl Harbour.
If you want to learn from painting from me during this of social distancing, I can teach your family or group via online lessons or you can get my series of nature painting videos at

If you’d like some Art Activities to keep the family busy, check out the Free Learning Resources that include Hawaiian Animals Color Book Art on my website and also the Downloadable Color Book Pages featuring the Papahānaumokuākea Song.  
I hope you enjoy our favorite photos and I hope you make art a part of each day. Please stay vigilant, keep yourself and your loved ones healthy,

With Aloha from me,

Art Tip

As artists we are also illusionists. Sometimes our goal is to create the illusion of distance on a flat surface. In some cases, it’s just a little distance like if you were painting a close up of a cat; for instance, some of its legs are closer than others etc.
In many of my paintings I like to create miles of distance on my canvass. A sky with infinite miles of space to wispy cirrus clouds to closer cumulus clouds to distant mountains to closer mountains to nearby trees to in your face grass and insects.
Whenever you have the opportunity to overlap something in front of something else-do it!

Whenever you paint a sky with clouds then cross in front of it with a mountain, you are reinforcing to the viewer that one thing is in front of another. In some cases, you’ll have a chance to cross several elements with a tree or a blade of grass. Do it whenever you can as long as it helps your painting and not detract from it. The viewers of your art will enjoy being transported through the depths of the world that you painted.
*You can watch this video on Creating Distance and see what I mean Here:

4th Of July at Whalerʻs Village Kaʻanapali, Maui
Maui Friends Iʻll be at the Whalerʻs Village at Kaʻanapali on July 4th with my Art Prints and Books (and facemask) to autograph for you and your loved ones.

I look forward to spending more time on Maui as I work on an exciting new nature art project there.
Here is the link to the Facebook event page:

World Oceans Day 
Virtual Celebration 2020

Mahalo to NOAA, ʻŌiwi TV, and all the participants of the World Oceans Day 2020. I was happy to be one of the featured presenters along with a great crew of other educators and performers like Hawaiian slack key musician Kawika Kahiapo. The event was on Facebook Live at ʻŌiwi TV. 
You can watch and draw the tiger shark with me on my Youtube channel here: 

Check out this fun video on how to download and print the coloring book pages:

Lehua School Mural
“Ka Makani Lehua”


Over four years in the making, “Ka Makani Lehua”, a twenty-eight by eight foot mural made of glass mosaic and ceramic sculpture, was completed in 2015. This was my third large mural for the State Foundation on Culture and Arts SFCA Artist in the Schools program. The other murals are at the Salt Lake Public Library and Pope Elementary in Waimānalo. We all learned a lot from this project. It was like getting paid to go to school!
Mahalo to all who helped get it done: James James LaRocco, Suzie Patner, Jojo Lyra, Courtney Puig, Joe Lyons, Kelly Morgan, Evelin Kekesi, Dean and Malone McRaine of  Light Waves Studio, Leah K. Rigg, Thomas Dier, Dean and of Ceramic Hobbiest, Joanna Carolan of Banana Patch Studios, Deborah and Jeff Pompadur of Evergreen by Debra, The Coy Long Tile company and the Crew at the SFCA.

The muralʻs advisory comittee was Josepf Halfmann (Principal when we started), Aaron Tominaga (Principal at completion),
Kris Chan, Catherine Ann Hermosura, Jarett Oshiro and
Faye Toyama. Special Mahalo to teacher Patty Buckley for providing her classroom to stage the installation.
Ka Makani Lehua Mural is featured in the new Painting In Paradise Episode on The ‘Ōhi’a Lehua episode. You can watch it an other Painting In Paradise Episodes on my Youtube Channel Here:
Painting In Paradise
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You can watch Painting in Paradise on Spectrum OC16TV in Hawaii on these days:

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Favorite Photos

The making of "Ka Makani Lehua" glass and ceramic mural.

Where does color start Aunty???

On the Hi on Art movie set with Sonya and the Jae.

The Painting In Paradise Studio in Waimānalo.

How I used to spend my 4th of Julys...

Download and color the song and pages at

Color like you mean it.

Kimo from 4 of Julys gone by...Aloha!

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