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Aloha Friends,
I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and honored the memories of those who have passed before us. Please send a special Thank You to those who gave their lives in service to a better world. 

I'm sorry I have not written for a while but with the challenges of the recent pandemic I've had to adjust my life and work schedule as you know. Thankfully, I have had a lot of artwork to keep me busy and I'll soon be finished with the murals at the Hawai'i Wildlife Discovery Center at Whaler's Village on Maui. Then it's off to Kaua'i to start a painting I've been looking forward to doing for a long time. 

I will be resuming my in person Painting workshops soon and that information will be announced in next month's newsletter. Mahalo all for your requests and patience.

The picture above is from the very first premier of the Painting in Paradise TV show with a bunch of friends and a big screen TV in Hanalei. I was exhausted and happy. Creating this show has allowed me to live my dream of teaching art and nature to a large television audience. A new section of the show will be called "Art Talk" and it will speak especially to those who want to be recognized as artists.

The Art Tip this time is on "Self Talk". It's not just the stuff we say to ourselves, but also the stuff we say about ourselves. I hope you'll get to recognize the power of your words.

The New Makapu’u Lighthouse T- Shirts are now at the Hawaiian Island Cafe and my autographed art prints and books are at the East Honolulu Clothing Company and at the new Kalapawai Market in Waimānalo.

There are three featured Painting In Paradise episodes this time. One on Waves, one on Mānana or "Rabbit" Island, and the current episode on Hawaii's lighthouses. Next month will feature Hawaiian Stream Animals, a subject that's been dear to me since childhood.

I hope you enjoy the latest art news we have and remember to smile and be thankful for those who have blessed us and moved on.
With thanks and Aloha from me,


Art Tip

Self Talk
If you've ever been a student of mine you know that one of the first things I cover is self talk. It’s not just the things you say
to yourself, but also about the things you say about yourself.
You won't believe how many times people introduce themselves to me as, "Hi, I'm a terrible artist" or, "Hi, I can’t draw a straight line".

To some degree it's human nature to play down one's abilities, but many people take it to the point that they put themselves down.

That is understandable, but not acceptable. Not around me. Often times the first thing I work with a new student on is
what comes out of their mouths.

Sometimes it is too much to ask a person to say positive things about themselves. They are not used to it so it sounds absurd to them. In this case I ask them just to Not say the negative things that they have had too much practice saying for so long. 

If you feel the word Can't coming out of your mouth just Swallow the "t", and then you Can.

Even if it seems unnatural, start saying these things out loud:
"I Can paint, I Am an artist." If it feels uncomfortable now, keep practicing your art and your speech until it feels great. 

Remember, your words are your truth,
and you can say Anything you want.

*Above photo with my fellow self talker artist Mark Brown.  

  Pope School Mural on

Representative Lisa Marten, shown here with Pope Elementary School Principal, Aaron Okumura, recently featured a ceramic mural I did for Pope Elementary twenty years ago. The kids were amazed that someone was actually alive to do this mural back in 2001.

It was great to meet them and enjoy the memories. I especially liked going into the Library and seeing the mural the Kids did as part of the State Foundation's Artist in the Schools program.

"Art at the Capitol" hit the road for COVID and created this video featuring Representative Marten, myself, and the beautiful keiki of Waimānalo.
*Click here for the 
Art at the Capitol Video
Representative Lisa Marten
Vice Chair, Energy & Environmental Protection Committee
District 51 - Waimanalo - Kailua
Hawai’i State Capitol, Room 311
Honolulu, Hawai`i  96813
Ph: 586-9450

Hawaii Literacy Conference

“Hukilau Creations: Making Books with Friends”
With Patrick Ching and Jeff Pagay
 In 2018 I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Hawai'i Literacy Conference. This year I get to do a presentation with my school buddy and fellow artist Jeff Pagay.

Here's the description the conference put out:
Enjoy the life and art of Hawaiʻi’s Nature Artist Patrick Ching, who unexpectedly became an award-winning author. Patrick and his artist friend Jeff Pagay will present an entertaining slideshow and discuss how they got their high school dreams to turn into their lifetime reality. Learn how to create books by pulling together ideas with friends, much in the same way that Hawaiʻi’s people pull together the community fish net—hukilau style.

This year's conference will be virtual online and feature
Lehua Parker and Caren Loebel-Fried.
*For information and to register click here:

For some background on Jeff and me, here's a clip from an old KHON News Story by Ron Mizutani.
CLICK HERE if you wanna Watch and Laugh


Lighthouse Shirts and Mugs

Now available at Hawaiian Island Cafe in Waimānalo. *A portion of sales benefit the Friends of Waimanalo.

The largest lighthouse lens in use today is at Makapu'u, on the island of O'ahu.  The twelve foot tall Hyperradiant Fresnel lens is perched in its majesty overlooking Makapu'u and Waimānalo.

The new image added color to the original 100th Anniversary Makapu'u Lighthouse T-shirt originally designed by myself and artist Nick Black. 

 Are printed in Hawaii by JCS in Halawa. 
You can learn about the lighthouse. see styles, colors, and Order Shirts Here.

Maui Murals Soon Complete

Whaler's Village Tower, Ka'anapali, Maui 
I'm almost completed with the murals for the soon to be opened Hawai'i Wildlife Discovery Center in Whaler's Village in Ka'anapali.

Hawai'i Wildlife Fund, in partnership with Whaler's Village, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, and NOAA, is creating the discovery center and I'll show you all the murals when they are complete. The discovery center is scheduled to open this summer and the picture above shows part of the elevator tower designs.

Painting In Paradise TV Shows

Featured Episodes: Painting Waves, Mānana "Rabbit Island" and Hawaii's Lighthouses.
Three episodes have aired since my last newsletter:
"Painting Waves" features a lesson on drawing the basic "high school wave" as well as a painting demonstration on painting a wave.

The "Mānana" episode features lots of natural history as well as a lesson on painting Rabbit Island and drawing "Hapa Rabbit" too. Join an outdoor painting class with plen air art teacher Mark Brown.

"Hawai'i's Lighthouses" is an enlightening episode featuring all the larger lighthouses in Hawai'i with a lesson on Drawing and painting the Makapu'u Lighthouse. 

The Next episode of Painting in Paradise will be on Hawai'i's Stream Animals and feature a drawing and painting lesson on the native goby (fish) called 'o'opu nākea. It will also include footage and information on introduced stream animals like frogs and prawns.
*If you have pictures of you and your stream animal art, send them my way and I'll include them in the show.

*Teachers - Each Episode is like a Class on Art and Natural History and includes a Teachable Drawing Lesson.

*You can watch these and other episodes of Painting in Paradise
** Hawaii Art Tip Video Library by Patrick Ching

** Art Tips Collection

Live Art Classes to Resume Soon

Well, It's been a long time since lockdown started and soon I'll be holding small group and private painting workshops again. 

I'll give you more information in my next newsletter and you can also contact me through my website at

*Look for the "Hire Patrick" button on my homepage for my rates for private classes. P.S. I got my shot.

Favorite Photos 

A blank canvas...Paint your Paradise here.

Revisit the making of "My Waimānalo", a ceramic tile mural, coming up soon on the Painting in Paradise TV show.

 In honor of monk seals born on the main Hawaiian islands, a field sketch I made of a seal I saw born on a remote atoll decades ago.

Information on the upcoming Children's Literacy Conference...

A memorable day painting the Lighthouse with friends.

Art in Nature. This fallen ulu (breadfruit) tree is still beautiful.

Beauty - in the eye of the holder.
A day at the pond with Art Frog

You can learn some interesting lighthouse facts and order Mugs and Shirts at

 With aloha from Hina the monk seal, and myself. 'Till we hui hou (gather again)...

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