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Hi Friends,
Color your world with your delightful pallet as March welcomes the glimmer of spring. I get excited to know that each day gets warmer as the force of life is getting ready to bloom.
Our Art Tip this time is on painting wet over wet, one of the most highly skilled techniques.

My Spring 2020 Art Workshops and Events are now posted so if you've been wanting to paint something with me, sign up early before they get filled up.  You may notice that I'll be spending more time on the Valley isle of Maui. I'll let you know more about this next month.

We've had a lot of excitement recently with the release of the 
Papahānaumokuākea Song and Coloring Book pages which are now downloadable Free. 

Then of course we have our Favorite Photos which always leave us feeling good. February is for lovers and Valentines day and all of us who thrive on love so give some extra love to the world.

A special Mahalo goes out to those of you who write encouraging messages and order art and classes. Thank you for your support.

With Aloha from me,

Art Tip

Painting Wet Over Wet
This art tip is about one of the hardest painting skills…painting wet over wet. Not just wet into wet paint, but laying wet paint over a previous layer of wet paint without digging up the first layer…too much.
The artist doing the painting above is skilled. He mostly works in watercolor so I asked if I could push him out of his comfort zone by doing what I consider to be one of the most difficult, risky, and if of the most beautiful effects in painting. I basically asked him to go thicker, wetter, and counter intuitive to what he is used to...
This was a four-hour painting workshop in Hanalei, Kauai, and the artist's name is Johnny Walker. Fo’ Real! Johnny gets in my painting workshops when he and I are both on Kauai. He took the photo and we wanted to enhance the color of the Palani (fish). Especially the closest one.

After painting the background and blurring the colors, Johnny painted a thin base coat of blue paint on the fishes. Then we dried it all. What might usually take several days to dry with traditional oil paints was dried in a few minutes by using the Genesis heat set oil paint and a heat gun.

Next, I asked Johnny to repaint the fishes with dark and light blue colors. Like the fishes in his photo. This time we did Not dry the paint but instead began to paint the more brilliant colors of the fish that you might see without so much blue water between the viewer and the fish.

The hard part here is that a guy who usually paints thin with the direct colors he wants, now is asked to paint the orange and yellow colors of the fish on top of the wet blue (opposite) colors of the fish. The trick is to rest the brighter colors on top of the wet bottom layer Without digging up the bottom layer too much.

The result can be a delightful blend of colored layers and each layer will speak through the additional layers either visually or subconsciously. Yes, this technique is risky because a person can overwork it and mix complementary colors that turn to mud. When this is done successfully it is an impressive hit!
It was such a pleasure to have a person with his willingness to try some of the most difficult things I can teach. Mahalo Johnny!


New Pro Artist Retreat

Weekend Highlights


Larry McCarthy of Chromaco discussing art reproduction at the retreat.

Presenter Ron Martin, Artist David Friedman and Presenter Larry McCarthy
Mahalo to all of you who presented and participated in our first New Pro Artist Retreat. We were so blessed to have a great group who really enjoyed and supported each other. 

Among the topics covered were Making Products with your art by Aimee Donzas and George Kaiwi, Graphic Artistry by Michelle Jericho Poppler, Financial Record Keeping  by Corinna Santiago-Repucci, Photo Scanning and Reproducing Your Art by Larry McCarthy of Chromaco Inc., and Sales and Marketing by Ron Martin, Author of Retail Selling Made Easy. 

Some of the participants also learned some of my most important painting techniques during the two end of the day painting workshops as well.
*Look for the upcoming episode of The Business of Art  on the Painting In Paradise TV show on Spectrum OC16.

Contact me about a
Free March 15 Art Business Talk and Pot Luck in Waimanalo. I'll be discussing the various aspects of being a professional artist as well as opening the discussion to other pro artists and new artists too. Small Group. RSVP required. 

Painting In Paradise TV Show

Nai'a Dolphin Episode
Our featured episode of the painting in paradise TV show is on the nai'a, our dolphin friends in the sea. You can learn how to draw and paint the nai'a, and find out why a certain species gets its name of "Spinner" dolphin.

*See the episode on my Youtube Channel and Please subscribe to my channel as well:
Papahānaumokuākea Color Book

Debut at the Waikiki Aquarium 

 A Monumental Celebration
The long awaited release of the Papahānaumokuākea Song Coloring Book pages happened on  February 16, at the Waikīkī Aquarium at the celebration to mark 10 years of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument as a World Heritage Site.

 A great time was had by all and Mahalo to the Waikiki Aquarium for hosting the event, NOAA for their help in sponsoring the event, Leon and Malia for their wonderful music and Mark Jeffers for bringing the fun ocean creature inflatables and leading the parades.

 You can get FREE coloring book pages now at 

Here's one of the pages below:

Upcoming Events

Here's a link to these workshops:

March 8 - Kauai Nature Painting Workshop
March 15 - Art Business Talk and Pot Luck in Waimanalo.
March 22  - Lahaina, Maui Whale Workshop
March 25 - Waimanalo Cafe Painting Party
March 29 - Kauai Nature Painting Workshop
April 10-12 - Maui Festival of Arts
April 19 - Maui Nature Painting Workshop
April 26 -  Waimanalo Nature Painting Workshop
May 17 - Maui Nature Painting Workshop
June 7 - Oahu Literacy Conference Chaminade College
July 2 - Maui Dukes Restaurant 
July 12 - Waimanalo Nature Painting Workshop
July 22 - Hickam Library Talk 2pm


Favorite Photos

All in the ohana art at the Aquarium.

A young artist's gift.

 Deilen Otoman's Newell's Shearwater art won the Kauai Family Magazine's Holiday Art Contest. Deilen is a student at 'Ele'ele Elementary School.

Painting by sun and moonlight.
Artist Mia and presenter Aimee Donzas enjoying the break.

Erik and Corinna in living color. 

Presenter George Kaiwi and wife Charlene.
An artist team living the artist

Art in focus. 

Painting in Paradise. 

Youthful brilliance at the Aquarium.

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