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Aloha Friends,
This September brings a rare set of colors for a painting of the world like weʻve never seen before. When I came across this picture of this young artist and I at Sea Life Park, I realized that yes, I did take some things for granted.  

No matter what may be happening, I'd like to remind you that You are the painter of your world. It is as beautiful as you choose to make it. I hope you will decorate your world in ways that make you feel great.
The Art Tip this time is on Painting Mountains. Especially the difficult ones.
The featured Painting in Paradise TV show is on Seahorses. Did you know the males are the ones that give birth?
For you home schoolers and stay homers I'll be doing three Free lessons on Facebook live. These will be suitable for children but also high in substance for artists of different age and experience levels. I'll give the dates and subjects below in this letter.
Starting now All of the online painting lessons will be hosted on my new website so you who are active online painters, please let me know if you need any help accessing
your lessons.
I hope you enjoy our Favorite Photos and don't forget to fill your world with the people and things that help you be your best.

If you're looking for a piece of art and can't find the painting that's just right, consider letting me help you create one of your own with personal online coaching.
Be extra nice to each other and keep on creating!
With thanks from me,

Art Tip

Painting Mountains 
I gotta say “mountains can be a challenge”. A challenge that when done well, will set you apart from most artists. If mountains were all one color it would be so easy…
You would paint the crevasses darker and the sunlit
ridges lighter.

But mountains are many colors, some are covered with plant life and some are bare earth; some are a bit of both.
In some situations, like to Koʻolau mountains over Makapuʻu Oʻahu, The bare earth is mottled with lichens giving the rocks a mottled black and white color pattern.

Add the complication of the black and white mountain and it’s dark crevasses and lighted ridges, and it can get complicated and confusing. This is when it pays to have a real understanding of what’s going on. Pay careful attention to how the black and white colors of the mountain appear in the shadows as well as the lighted areas.
In Hawaii, our lush, tropical mountains are colored different than most continental evergreen forests. Hawaii’s mountains are generally more olive in color. Sap green is a prominent hue in Hawaiian mountains while the mountains of North America usually have more veridian green in them.  
To make mountains look farther away it is a general rule to add more “sky color” to them. This is usually a blueish or purplish color like the sky. I LOVE PURPLE MOUNTAINS. They make things in the foreground look great!
Sometimes I will paint a distant mountain with the clarity and detail of a close mountain, then, when it is dry I will glaze a transparent layer of purplish blue over it; dropping it way back into the distance.

*Remember that one skill of a good painter is the ability to create an illusion of vast distance on a flat canvas.

Painting In Paradise TV Show 

The Seahorses Episode 
Hi Friends, The SEAHORSE Episode of the Painting in Paradise TV Show is now on OC16 for a month. You can also see it and past episodes on my Patrick Ching YouTube Channel:

Learn about Hawaiiʻs Seahorses as well as how to draw and paint them with Hawaiiʻs Nature Artist Patrick Ching. Featuring Video by Don McLeish and Terry Lilley. With music by Olomana and Kawika Kahiapo.

Did you know that male seahorses recieve the eggs from the female and the baby seahorses develope in the maleʻs brood pouch till He gives birth to them?
 I learn so much by producing this show. Each episode focuses on a different animal and has a drawing lesson as well as coloring and painting tips.
A Special Manhalo goes out to Don McLeish, Jeff Milisen and Terry Lilley for their exceptional video and pictures. Mahalo also to Olomana and Kawika Kahiapo for the excellent music, and Twiddle productions for the cartoon animation which I plan to use more and more in the future.
*Teachers - Each Episode is a like Class on Art and Natural History
and includes a Teachable Drawing Lesson.

You can watch Painting in Paradise on
Spectrum OC16tv in Hawaii on:

Mondays: Past Episode: 10am, New Episode 4:30pm
Wednesdays: New Episode: 10am, New Episode: 5:30pm
Thursdays: New Episode: 11pm
Fridays: Past Episode: 10am
Saturdays: New Episode: 5pm
Sundays: New Episode: 9am, New Episode: 11:30pm

Hawaii Art Tip Video - Drawing the Oahu ʻOahu ʻŌʻŌ Bird

Hawaii Art Class Video - Painting in Paradise - PIP - Painting In Paradise Moorish Idol Episode

Learn about the Moorish idol from Waikiki Zoo Director Andrew Rossiter and Patrick Ching will show you how to draw and paint this spectacular fish that is also known in Hawaii as Kihikihi.

Drawing and Painting  on Facebook Live
September 15, 22 and 29
10am - 11am Hawaii time
It seems like weʻll be teaching and learning from home a lot so Iʻll be holding three Live Facebook sessions in September. The lessons will remain on Facebook after the live events so you can share and review them.
Lesson 1 - September 15 - Drawing Animal Lessons. I'll do three 15 minute lessons that you can learn to do and teach.
Great for Teachers and Kids.
Lesson 2 - September 22 - Oil Painting “The Shoals”. Watch how I create one of my “Shoals Paintings” with lots of paint and movement. Featuring my most important color fading method. For Oil Painting Artists.
Lesson 3 September 29 - Talking on Art and Life. I’ll be discussing my artists journey and sharing with you what I feel are the most important things I have learned. Especially for recreational or aspiring proffessional artists. 

*Please feel free to send me your questions and join me live on these days.

Online Nature Painting Lessons 

Get a Free Bird of Paradise Online Painting Lesson in September

If youʻre an aspiring artist and would like to sample my online painting lessons, this is the last of the online video painting lessons Iʻll be offering for Free in 2020.

*Send me a message and Iʻll send you a code to access the
Bird of Paradise Painting Lesson.
If you have not yet signed up to access them on the new site just let me know and weʻll help you do it. Remember that You have access whenever you want to watch the lessons so there is no time limit. If you got all twenty six lessons then you know that it can keep you learning and painting for a while.
To see or get the online lessons go to:


"Mānana from Kaupo"
Now is a an Original Painting of mine. Since the galleries have been closed and visitation is down, I am making great deals on my available originals.
Find one or more that you like and let me know so I can help you own it at a price that you'll love!

This original above is a 12"x24" knife and brush painting I just varnished. Itʻs not yet listed on my site. Message me if youʻd like to talk it or any other originals.
Thank You to those of you who have reached out recently and bought my art. It is really appreciated. 
*You Can See the Available Originals Here:

Favorite Photos

Painting a Seahorse by the Seashore.

Jeff Milisenʻs New Book. Pre-orders available at

"Wild Horses" 

"Yellow Seahorse" From a video by Terry Lilley.

Seahorse cartoon animated by Twiddle Productions over
video by Don McLeish.

Binge watching TV while signing Honu and Hina Books.

Great Young Artist at Waikīkī Aquarium.

We all got some growing to do. Photo McLeish...Aloha


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