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  • Patrick Ching's New Fall 2013 Hawaii Art Images Including KAI Waikiki Art Images

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‘Ilio Kai
Inspiration: ‘Ilio Kai (Dog of the sea). This is the first monk seal I ever met over 30 years ago. She came to me at the boat dock on Tern Island, French Frigate Shoals, Hawaii. I called her Shnooky. It was like seeing the mermaid I had been dreaming about for a long time. More...
Honu Leahi
Inspiration: The ocean twists the colors of a honu's shell as it lifts its head for a breath of fresh Hawaiian air. In the distance is Leahi, Diamond Head, a welcome sight to visitors and residents like the honu. More...
Pali Manu Kuahiwi
Inspiration: The Majestic Pali cliffs of windward Oahu with the brilliant red ‘I’iwi birds and Lehua blossoms. In the distance a juvenile ‘I’iwi flutters off with yellow and red feathers. More...
Nai‘a Leahi
Inspiration: The fluid motion of Hawaiian dolphins near the surface, are tinted with reflections of paradise. More...
Moana Sunset
Inspiration: The excitement of the journey into the sunset. Two birds fly off into the vibrant colors of a Hawaiian sunset. A sprinkle of pink rain is accented by the silhouette of coconut palms as rows of comforting waves make their way to shore. The crescent moon resembles the hull of a celestial canoe and the twinkle of starlight announces the coming of twilight. More...
Honu Mana'o
Inspiration: Honu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle, comes to rest on balmy shores, with thoughts transcending the Honu - Hawaiian Sea Turtle, comes to rest on balmy shores, with thoughts transcending the depths of time. Mana'o - thoughts, ideas, not reserved for humans but all living beings. In old Hawaii the Honu was a respected being and a source of food eaten only by royalty. In recent times the Honu have been hunted to the threat of extinction and became protected by law. Now they live comfortably among us and even come to rest on shores frequented by people. More...
Malia Shoals
Inspiration: Emerging reefs of the northwest Hawaiian Islands reveal a cool blend of colors that transcend the depths. Inspired by my many years flying to remote field camps on refuge islands that few people see. These are the colors that feel good to me. More...
Mano E Kahi
Inspiration: The first shark that welcomed me into the sea on Laysan Island was also the last one that allowed me to leave. We would have many more conversations and blessed encounters such as these. More...
Beach Candy
Inspiration: Putting my sight in the eye of a bird, I hovered above the beach fronting the Moana. Endless waves of energy rolled in - exciting, rejuvenating, healing. People and playthings sprinkled with color like candy on an ocean cake. Which one are you? More...
Koko Head Canoe
Inspiration: That golden time of day on south east Oahu; Koko Head's distinct shape with Koko Crater beyond. A solitary canoe sits beneath the coconut palms ready for a sunset paddle. More...
Mano Kai Blue
Inspiration: Mano - The shark, guardian of the deep, beauty and power riddled with twisted light. This tiger, nuihi, complements the unmistakable blue of our Hawaiian ocean. This painting has strong significance to me. Inspired by a photograph from Patrick Devault of Maui and a tattoo I had done by the artist Tihote in Tahiti. More...
Queen's Garden
Inspiration: Hawaii's last reigning monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani, had a home near the place where the Moana Surfrider now stands. She brought to this area, from other places in Hawaii, some of her favorite shellfish and algae which she asked the public not to remove until they had been given a chance to thrive. In this painting of rippling water faint hints of these creatures can be noticed in her aquatic garden by the keen observer. More...
Tall Glass
Inspiration: Looking up from beneath the blue, a tall, cool sea of glass. More...

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