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  • Liz Au
    How happy we were to see your art show at the Moana-Surfrider (KAI Ocean Art Show - Waikiki) yesterday! It was wonderful to see you again and to marvel at how God has blessed your art talents immensely! It is unbelievable how beautiful and vibrant your paintings have evolved and how expressive you have grown in your art techniques over the years. I love your Hawaiian monk seal and honu paintings! I am still watching the amazing DVD and look forward to painting with you soon! Aloha ke akua, Liz
  • Fernando Rueda Izagirre
    I got today the matted prints. I have no words to express my feelings... I just order another two sets of prints. They will also be for Kelea and Mikel and I will be very grateful if you could also personalize these prints for them. I will frame all the matted prints and give them to the kids for Christmas (I have to hide them until then!). I'm sure they will love them so much.
  • Steve and Rachel Egner
    Warm greetings from Rachel and I to you... We just wanted to let you know that the Gicle'es arrived safely. Rachel uncrated them today, and they are as stunning as they were the first day we saw them. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us. These will be a permanent part of our home, and I'm sure they will lift the spirits of our guests as they do our own.
  • Kathleen Kelly
    While on Kaua'i last week, my husband purchased for me, the print of the painting of the seal in the clear water playing with a green ball. I am a former art instructor, and I used to own an art supply store as well, so I too am talented, but I respect your talent immensely! Had I known sooner, I would have taken a workshop with you! NEXT TIME! Also, please note the lovely lady who was working at your gallery when we were there was so kind. We ended up buying her version of the green church (where she told us she got married). Nice friendly staff!

    Kathleen Kelly
  • Vivian Shanney
    Patrick Ching's artistry is superb. He have caught the essence of what Hawaii is. The details in the artwork is beautiful. When I look at one of Patrick Ching's masterpieces, I think of such fond memories and I can't wait to visit Hawaii again soon.

    Vivian Shanney
  • Katrina Kirkpatrick
    Art Patrick is one of my very favorite Artists. As an accomplished artist myself, he is only one of few I have collected prints. Someday I hope to take a class while visiting Hawaii! I love, love his work.

    Reno, Nevada
  • Colette and Gerald Mitchell
    Your paintings arrived safely here in Canada...we are extremely happy with both of your wonderful paintings, and we think your talent is just amazing. Your Lumahaibiscus painting is exceptional, and the colours are particularly cheerful. We will be placing this picture above the fireplace where is will be constantly admired.
  • John J Megara
    Art - I purchased a print as a graduation gift in 2008 as I love Patrick's work and the graduate was leaving Oahu to go to DC. It's 4 years later and she's graduating college and still considers my gift a treasure she plans to keep forever.Mahalo and Aloha Patrick
  • Lucille Emerick & Kim Archer
    Date - 2/22/2012
    Art/Gift: Lucille Emerick - I'm a volunteer at Kilauea Lighthouse...I purchase one of your prints as a gift for a friend of mine who visited Kauai last year and was blessed to have swum with a turtle! I thought you might like to see how she decided to frame it. I thought she did a nice job. Your work now graces her Connecticut home.

    Kim Archer - Connecticut - It took me a good while to decide just how to frame my Honu because not only is it a stunning image deserving of a distinctive display, it will forever be a reminder of my experience while visiting Kauai. Click on image to see larger version... click here to purchase Honu Kisses
  • John J Katie and Nick Bruno
    Art We had the pleasure of meeting you while on our honeymoon in Kauai. Thank you again for posing for a picture with us. We love the painting we purchased that day!! You had mentioned that you would like it if we could email you the picture we took, so we attached it to this email.
    Thank for the picture you signed!
  • Dan Kowalski
    Date - 1/24/2011
    Art:Hanalei Morning, Waimanalo Promise, Three Grace
    I love all the pieces...
  • Hank and Aloha Gellert
    Date - 11/28/2010
    Art: Mauna Kea
    What do I say -- beautiful, gorgeous, unbelievable, serene, majestic, Hilo -- all the words in the English language could not properly describe how I feel about our painting. You are truly a master and if Michelangelo was alive he would agree with us. Hank and I could not stop talking about it all the way home. We both are so in love with the painting and just feel so honored and lucky to have it. To see my hometown every morning and evening and every moment I like -- makes me excited from head to toe. And for you to allow me to add a few leaves to that beautiful tree is so kind of you. And to put in a Hawaiian fisherman -- auwe makes me even more excited. So if there is a day when I am blue -- I will sit and stare at Mauna Kea and Hilo and I am sure only happiness will be in my heart.

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  • Jan Berg
    Patrick's Nature Painting Instruction Video - 26 videos is absolutely awesome. I highly recommend painters are all levels complete these videos to learn his techniques for mixing paint and painting sky, clouds, rainbows, distant mountains, trees, fruits/flowers, sea creatures, birds, horses, water, and more. I combined two of his videos to paint the birds and added a second stallion to his palomino painting. Click here to view images...
  • Dawn Steele Bain
    Date - 2/5/2018
    Love Genesis Paints - that don't dry until you set them. Thanks Patrick Ching for introducing them to me in your incredible painting workshops! I've purchased his 26 video instruction series... best purchase in 20 years!
  • Gary Hirst
    I finished my first painting. I attached it so you can have a look. I have to tell you that your video and the advice and direction that it contains are GREAT!!!!
  • Janice Berg
    I thoroughly enjoyed the two painting classes I took from you and look forward to taking more. I witnessed you help others with little or no painting experience complete beautiful pieces of art in just one session. Your teaching style is informal and entertaining. Your video is fabulous; I've watched it several times. I painted this painting (below) along with you from your video. Please make more videos - the next one should be a crashing Hawaiian wave!
    View more testimonials...
  • Zilka Terrientes
    I watched your video and it is wonderful. I have enjoyed so much seeing you explained step by step how to get beautiful sky, sea, mountains, it has been a wonderful learning experience!
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    Regards, Zilka View more testimonials...
  • Tracey Ekker
    I am just about to sit down once again and go through the DVD that Brett, my boyfriend, has given me for a present. I love it!!! We are having so much fun with it and it is tranporting us back to the Kauai days and all of the magic and fun of painting the Kileaua Lighthouse with you. Brett says hi! I wanted to compliment you on such a great job with the DVD's. I have my canvas and paints in front of the TV and you make it so easy to paint right along with the DVD. View more testimonials...
  • Jennifer Belote - California
    I have been a marinelife artist for over 15 years and just got done watching your dvd 'painting nature'. I was absolutely thrilled with your dvd. I learned a lot and am considering purchasing your oils your use. The dvd is one of the best artist dvds on the market! thanks, Jennifer. View more testimonials...
  • Penny Jane - Australia
    I loved your DVD and have played disk one and disk two several times. The instruction is very clear and creatively presented which makes it fun and easy to learn. What an amazing part of the world you live in. Thank you for sharing your technical knowledge and experience, your generous and appreciative spirit shines through and inspires me to really see nature and paint it. View more testimonials...
  • Yvonne Sargent - California
    So far I've seen the first DVD clear through. I've always wanted to try painting landscapes but know absolutely zilch so just put it at the back of my mind. My schedule is packed tight so I doubt I would ever have taken the time to try to do a class locally. I love your paintings so I thought I'd take a chance on the DVD's, really didn't know what to expect but figured it was worth a try.

    All I can say is, wow, what a wealth of information in that first DVD, it's just incredible! And something that maybe others haven't commented on - thank for you for being so friendly in it, you have a really laid-back, fun way of teaching. It's obvious you love what you do, and I imagine you've instilled that love in many other people along the way. View more testimonials...
  • JoFay Umbhau - Hawaii
    Mahalo plenty for the DVD. It was totally worth the short wait and I absolutely love it. It has inspired me to pick up my brushes and get started again since I have been on a little hiatus. You and your crew did a very professional job in the filming and producing of this DVD and I am duly impressed.

    As an artist, I have always been about watching someone paint and then trying to emulate their technique and this is perfect! I admire your entrepreneurial talent, always evolving! Keep up the good work.

    Happy New Year!
    JoFay Umbhau View more testimonials...
  • Cindy Baker Miniat
    I got my DVD's today and can't stop watching! I'M SO EXCITED to paint again!! Thank you for your hard work and inspiration to all of us artists Patrick. LOVE IT!! View more testimonials...
  • Sally Howell - California
    ..I just received my new DVD. I'm so excited... Thanks so much for who you are and what you do... Your joy and love of all nature reach across the ocean. View more testimonials...

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  • Auntie Sistah Robi
    Aloha mai kākou.  This is me, Auntie Sistah Robi presenting my very first oil painting.  I can't thank my friend, Patrick Ching, enough for having me in one of his recent oil painting classes.  It was a dream come true. Not only is Patrick my favorite Hawaiian artist, but, turns out, he is an incredible teacher, as well.  I learned so much in the relative short time we had.  I have a whole new appreciation for all the colors found in the sky and in the ocean, l look up at the clouds and think about how l would paint them, all thanks to Patrick's wonderful class.  I am definitely more than inspired to want to paint more. Honestly, l highly recommend taking one of his classes to anyone who has ever considered painting, as Patrick makes it super fun and almost therapeutic.  Mahalo nui loa, my bruddah, for sharing your gift and knowledge.  Here's to another session in the near future.  You are DA BEST!
  • Charlene de Lory
    I sold the painting I did in class to a friend who moved back to the mainland and she commissioned me to paint Diamond Head. Didn’t charge much but it’s a beginning. I am so naturally high right now. You have no idea what that sale has done for my soul.
    Charlene de Lory
  • Kathryn K. Yamamoto, Ph.D., CRC

    Aloha Patrick! I wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation! Thank you so much for the opportunity to take your "Nature Painting" workshop on July 7, 2018! I appreciate your teaching style... a blend of kindness, compassion, insight, and skill. You teach your students to not only learn the mechanics of painting but more so, to remind us of our child eyes... to see beyond what our adult eyes see... colors, shapes, texture...

    For me, this included feeling the sun on my face in your studio... the wind from the ocean as we stepped outside to listen to the waves... Bringing these senses to the painting activity, I was transported to when I took the picture of the Kalaupapa scene... In a nutshell, I learned that in order to paint, one must use all of our senses.. all of ourselves..

    With gratitude, -kat

    Kathryn K. Yamamoto, Ph.D., CRC

    University of Hawaii at Mānoa

  • Celeste Ka
    Date - 12/3/2018

    I enjoy painting with Patrick Ching. He shows you how to develop your painting, and tells you why you are doing it. In 4 hours you can walk out with a beautiful painting. Thank you Patrick.

  • Marilyn Luipold
    Date - 9/24/2012
    I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your guidance and patience this past Saturday at the workshop. I really enjoyed the time and look forward to participating again. On the big time fun side - no one believes I did the little monk seal painting! My friend that took the photo wouldn't believe it. I do give your instruction and guidance ample credit... and they still don't believe! I hope to be able to continue to work on some oil basics... brushwork and mixing etc., and when I manage a workshop again to be able to learn even more. Again, thanks.

    Marilyn Luipold
  • Arlee Roman
    Date - 10/16/2011
    My sister in law and myself took Patrick's 4 hour art class on beautiful Kauai this past summer. I had never painted before but my sister in law had been painting her whole life. Patrick's compassion, patience and humor helped me to paint my first painting. My sister in law learned some new things which she is using in her art. Patrick is an amazing teacher. Thank you Patrick! Aloha, Arlee Roman
  • Barbara Dotson
    Date - 8/27/2011
    I so enjoyed the workshop I took from you in June in Kauai. Thank you for your wonderful instruction as you guided me through painting the Kilauea Lighthouse from the angle we see it from my cousins' home on the north shore. Thank you also for coming to Karen's home to deliver the painting after you put the protective finish on it. That was a real treat for us...

    I have told my family and friends that the time spent with you, under your tutoring, was certainly the highlight of this last trip to Kauai for me. It was such an honor to be in the workshop of such a master artist! Thank you.

    Barbara Dotson
  • Colette Chow
    Date - 8/27/2011
    I first met Patrick in 1997, at his store, Naturally Hawaiian. I have almost every piece of literature Patrick Ching has authored,illustrated. I have used them in my literature, science, social studies and Hawaiian studies classes. They are factual, instructional,sensitive to Hawaii's frail creatures and environment, appealing to children both in color and story content. Patrick Ching's work expresses and shares his knowledge and personal experience with the creatures and environment.

    Many of my fourth grade students of Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School, had the privilege of art classes with Mr. Ching, on campus. Mr. Ching is not only a great artist and appealing author, but is gifted with teaching skills, as he relates well to children, keeps their attention and builds everyone's self-esteem in drawing. An' I can draw attitude!'

    I own many of Patrick's works, even though in affordable print sizes. I love the beauty, peace, serenity, detail of his works. Some paintings take me to places I have not physically visited,but feel as though I have thru his work. Many of his drawings/paintings introduce me to creatures I have not experienced outside of textbooks, but he paints them in their habitat, in such a remarkably sensitive way that makes them 'come to life.' The combined efforts of Patick and his mom, in the work,Master's of the Heart is awesome and inspirational.

    Lastly, Patrick Ching, has brought a sprit of kindness,caring, generosity and spiritual inspiration to both myself and my students, that we hope to spread to others and to nature.
  • Cher Foerster
    Date - 9/17/2011
    Maururu Patrick:
    We in Tahiti thank you for your wonderful energy and love of art.
    All the kids you taught on Moorea, Tahiti are so happy with their paintings. You know, Taimai, wishes you were her teacher....
    So return soon..
  • Chris Cot
    Date - 7/16/2011
    Art Supplies/Tools:I have been painting all my life, yet meeting Patrick when I had a day off from a job I was working on in Oahu has inspired me to do more creative painting for fun in between the painting I do for clients. He has been generous with his time and tips on using the Genesis paints really minimizing the learning curve. When I got the package of his brushes, I dropped everything and started painting! The brushes are a pleasure to use and make me really feel confident when I start painting. Even some close friends have commented " I didn't know you did "REAL" art"! I wish I was painting now instead of in this meeting!~Mahalo for everything Patrick!
  • Anna
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Hi Patrick: Would like to thank you for the private painting lesson on Friday. I picked up quite a few tips from you and will apply all I learned to future paintings. I am sure it will improve my painting technique greatly. You are an excellent instructor. Thank you so much for your patience. I look forward to more lessons in the future. Please keep me posted on future workshops...
  • Grace
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Thank you for the gifts you gave me ~ your precious time to teach, you guiding hand ~ but most of all your "Aloha" spirit and encouragement.
  • Denni Gaeth
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Thank you so much for inviting me and my friends to the Patrick Ching event. His experience and knowledge about the North West Hawaiian Islands, (Papahanaumokuakea) was so enjoyable to listen to and his way of sharing his artistic insight that was inspired by different areas of the whole island chain by the sights and the creatures living there well, that was done with such humor and interest making the time just fly by!

    Also, having all of us participate in drawing techniques, affording us to step into an artists shoes even for one evening; that was not only awe inspiring but, maybe it will in fan a spark of courage into a full blown flame in someone that maybe was just toying with the idea of becoming an artist. It's obvious that he does not feel threatened by the off chance that he does create that spark in someone whom someday may become another successful artist. To me that shows not only does he have a good heart, is truly a really good guy and a successful leader but, is a true professional in every sense of the word! Thanks so much for having him come to the center!
    Love and Aloha
  • Lori Samapio
    Date: 4/19/2010
    Wanted to thank you for so generously sharing your extensive training and talent. I had always wanted to paint, but never took the time because I figured it would take tons of classes to have a finished product. I loved the way you share your gift... allowing me to walk away with something I am proud of! I'm definitely telling everyone I know about your classes, art & generous spirit.

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Mahalo from Nyla!
Date - 1/10/2014

We stopped by your studio about three weeks ago as our Kauai vacation was drawing to a close. Our daughter, Nyla, had a lovely visit with you. Here is a photo that we took that day thanks for taking such good care of her. She brings the Hina book everywhere and tells anyone who will listen all about her visit with you. You made a big impression!

Julie Trost
Date - 8/1/2011

I thought you'd be pleased to hear that The Story of Hina has been read every night at bedtime, sometimes twice. It is a definite favorite and the discussions that have emerged from reading the story have been fantastic. Zach now knows a lot about monk seals and and why it is important to leave them alone when they are on the beach. Unfortunately, we leave Kuaui tomorrow morning and haven't seen the resident monk seal of Kapa'a.

I am a teacher and have a a ridiculous number of books that now belong to Zach. The autographed ones, especially the ones to Zach, are the most special.

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Painting Party Testimonials
Cyndi Sheehan - Legacy Gifts Officer Make-A-Wish® Hawaii
Date - 10/9/17
"That is amazing Patrick! My office keeps talking about what a successful event it was"

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Name Dee
Date - 2/11/2012
I always love receiving your news; you inspire me to be better, and to be busier!!!!

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Name Laurie McKeon
Date - 3/13/2012 Just had to tell you how MUCH I appreciate your thoughtful and important article about the Hawaiian Monk Seal on your most recent newsletter. Like you, I have been deeply saddened, disturbed and upset by the recent killings of our Hawaiian Monk Seals.

There is so little that we can do, as individuals, to help change attitudes, biases and hatred toward these innocent animals.. our friends and fellow mariners. You come from a place of knowledge, experience, appreciation and understanding about both the seals and Hawaiian culture. That's why I think your newsletter article is SO important.

I plan to forward it on to as many people as I can and I hope you will keep painting them (such BEAUTIFUL paintings), defending them and educating the local population.

Mahalo for your great work and dedication
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Julie Trost
Date - 8/1/2011
I thought you'd be pleased to hear that The Story of Hina has been read every night at bedtime, sometimes twice. It is a definite favorite and the discussions that have emerged from reading the story have been fantastic. Zach now knows a lot about monk seals and and why it is important to leave them alone when they are on the beach. Unfortunately, we leave Kuaui tomorrow morning and haven't seen the resident monk seal of Kapa'a.

I am a teacher and have a a ridiculous number of books that now belong to Zach. The autographed ones, especially the ones to Zach, are the most special.
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