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Realistic Oil Painting Workshop Overview

Realistic oil painting may be may be learned quickly. It is not as complicated as you think. In one session I will get you familiar with your paint and materials so that you will know how to attain the colors and effects you desire. I'll even make myself available by email or phone to answer your painting questions. You will be asked to look closer at nature than you ever have before so you can figure out what layers to paint first, and next, and next. You will be able to learn important techniques because we will be using a non-toxic, odorless oil paint that dries on command. The lessons learned with this paint may be applied to any kind of traditional oil or acrylic paint. I guarantee you will be thrilled with what you learn or I'll totally refund your money without question; after all, the best art teacher you'll ever have in your life will be there too. It's YOU!


In one lesson you will learn the characteristics of oil paint and the basics you need to become your own best art teacher. There are two places to mix paint; on the pallet using a pallet knife and on your painting. You will learn both. You will learn the properties of the color wheel, primary colors, tinting and shading. You will begin your ongoing lesson of how each color of paint you use affects the others.

There are two techniques in oil painting; Wet Blending and Glazing. Getting a perfect gradation from one color to another is the most important lesson I can teach. Glazing is the process of painting a transparent layer of paint over an existing dry layer of paint.

Glazing is crucial for capturing the reflective properties of water and is also easier to control than wet blending. Deciding when to wet blend and when to glaze are decisions that will build your painting style which your viewers will begin to recognize as uniquely yours.

I will show you when it is helpful or counterproductive to clean your brushes and remind you that the best results are usually acquired through the least necessary amount of energy. The word strive will be used a lot. The word can't will not. I will constantly encourage you to strive for improvement and practice positive thinking and speech habits.


Have a "can do" attitude. If you do not have a positive attitude, you can get one at the workshop. Do not introduce your self to me with the words "I can't paint" or I'm not an artist." Positive affirmations and envisioning success is the way to create the mindset needed for accomplishment. The only difference between a person that can paint and one who can't is that one says can't. If you can hold a paintbrush with any part of your body you are way ahead of many artists and CAN surely paint.

Gather a few photographs of something you'd like to paint. Photos you took yourself are preferred because when your painting comes out "so awesome" you can sell or reproduce it without worrying about copyrights. DO NOT use a picture of another artist painting. The subject of the photo is not critical although I prefer simple pictures of nature. A flower, an animal, even a persons face may be good. If you get a photo with a sky that fades from one color to another and/or an ocean with reflections on it that may be great. Picture selection is important and impossible to describe with words. The best pictures have simple subjects with a lot of learning opportunity and not a lot of tedious repetitive stuff. Bring several photos and I will help you select the one that I feel you'll learn the most from.

*The way you can get the most value from your time with me is to try things my way. Even if you don't want to paint realistically long-term, being able to mix any color you want and attain any effect you desire will enable you to paint anything in any style.


  • Bring photos described in HOW TO PREPARE.
  • Bring a lunch or snack.
  • We will be painting flat on top of tables which is fine. Bring a table easel or stand easel if you really want to.
  • If you have an 11"x14" sheet of glass for a pallet that is the best surface to mix paint on. You can take home enough paint to finish your painting.
  • A flat box would be good to keep the dust off of any extra paint and pallet paper you may want to take home.

*All other materials will be provided. These materials will include an Fredrix brand primed canvass, enough GENESIS tm oil paints to complete your painting, a selection of oil painting brushes, odorless turpentine or equivalent, paper towels, paper pallet, pallet knife and foam sponge.

**The workshops includes Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints. However, participants may bring and use their own paints of any medium OK'd by Patrick Ching in his painting workshops including but limited to Acrylics, Traditional Oils and watercolors. Ask Patrick about using your own paints of any type.


After this workshop you will know more than enough about oil painting to teach yourself as much as you can. I hope you will immediately continue painting, experimenting and learning. Memory is acquired by doing. Don't give yourself time to get rusty. The wet blending gradation technique I demonstrated is especially important to practice regularly. If you master that technique, you'll be able to paint anything.

Get to know the GENESIS paints and how they dry. They have more important qualities overall than any other paint.

Get to know all kinds of paints. Each kind of paint has unique characteristics. It is ignorant to think that any kind of paint will be the cure all for everything. As an artist that uses art as a means of survival I've taught myself to use every medium I can. When I have something I want to create I ask myself "What would be the best medium to use on this piece?" or "what kind of paint would best bring to life the mood of this painting?"

  • use oil paints like oil paints. People love oils for its richness and wet blends. If you want to work in thin washes you're probably better off using watercolors or thinned acrylics.
  • Remember anything you learn using GENESIS paints will translate into regular oil paints. When using regular oils just substitute linseed oil where we would use Thinning Medium or Glazing Medium with GENESIS paints.

"As a kindergartner all my friends asked me to teach them to paint horses. I've always had a knack for explaining things in the simplest terms. When I was 16 years old I took my first oil painting lessons from Jim Rayker. By the time I completed my first oil painting I had transformed from a high school level, to a professional painter. I attribute this to the patience of my teacher and the fact that I used paints that stayed wet while I was learning to use them. I spent the next few years of my life in search of instruction on painting skills. Even though I attended several schools I was not very successful finding the kind of instruction I was looking for and eventually I taught myself through experimentation. Now I teach the kind of lessons I tried so hard to find as a growing artist."


Twenty eight years of professional painting has taught me a lot; but nothing as valuable as a lesson I discovered while staring at a sea turtle at age nineteen. I was a volunteer biologist on a remote Hawaiian island and was trying to read a tag on the turtle's flipper through binoculars. Then I put the binos down and took a good look at the whole turtle as it lay sleeping at the shoreline. At that moment I decided to train myself to build a skill that most people in the world will never try to acquire; a better- than- photographic memory. Being able to understand how nature is constructed is the key to realistic painting. That understanding comes from intense observation and memory. I know, and can teach the key to having a better-than-photographic memory.

By teaching art for many years I know how to get to the important stuff fast and toss aside the noise. Our time on Earth is precious. I don't want you or I to waste it.

Our goal is to get the best results with the least effort cause that's what really looks the best.

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  • Denni Gaeth
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Thank you so much for inviting me and my friends to the Patrick Ching event. His experience and knowledge about the North West Hawaiian Islands, (Papahanaumokuakea) was so enjoyable to listen to and his way of sharing his artistic insight that was inspired by different areas of the whole island chain by the sights and the creatures living there well, that was done with such humor and interest making the time just fly by!

    Also, having all of us participate in drawing techniques, affording us to step into an artists shoes even for one evening; that was not only awe inspiring but, maybe it will in fan a spark of courage into a full blown flame in someone that maybe was just toying with the idea of becoming an artist. It's obvious that he does not feel threatened by the off chance that he does create that spark in someone whom someday may become another successful artist. To me that shows not only does he have a good heart, is truly a really good guy and a successful leader but, is a true professional in every sense of the word! Thanks so much for having him come to the center!
    Love and Aloha
  • Anna
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Hi Patrick: Would like to thank you for the private painting lesson on Friday. I picked up quite a few tips from you and will apply all I learned to future paintings. I am sure it will improve my painting technique greatly. You are an excellent instructor. Thank you so much for your patience. I look forward to more lessons in the future. Please keep me posted on future workshops...
  • Grace
    Type: Hawaiian Art Class & Workshop
    Thank you for the gifts you gave me ~ your precious time to teach, you guiding hand ~ but most of all your "Aloha" spirit and encouragement.

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