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  • Patrick Ching's Hawaii Art Tip: Painting Your Future

Patrick Ching's Hawaii Art Tip: Painting Your Future

As the artistic ideas spawned in our hearts flow through our body, they are influenced by the feelings that we are experiencing physically. For most of us, our hands are the last point of human contact we have with our artistic ideas. In many cases, we use tools to help us articulate our ideas onto our canvas.

The brush, palette knife, and even our fingertips enable us to put the finishing touches on our creations. When I was growing up and engaging in sports that were hard on my hands, I had so many people say "You gotta stop! You can't hurt your hands!" I never looked at it that way and I did hurt my hands often.

I enjoyed the movie Words and Pictures with Juliette Binoche where she created a pulley system to help her severely arthritic body continue to paint.

An artist will always find a way to express themselves. If your painting hand is broken, use the other hand, or your mouth, your eyes, or your mind.

Let your desire drive you to find your way from your heart to your art!

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