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  • Hawaii Artist Tip: It's ALL of your Business

Hawaii Artist Tip: It's ALL of your Business

Many artists take comfort in believing that since they're creative, they're bound to be bad in business and are expected to be sloppy and disorganized. For a time, even nature artist Patrick Ching believed this himself. However, he has come to realize that this should not be the case.

His art (and life) tip: "if you want to be an artist for a living, or just keep living for a living, get to know the parts of your business that don't come easy for you. Work at those things so that even if you hire others to do them for you, you still understand what they are doing for you."

He believes that your business, whether it be art or something else, IS your business. You are responsible for it. So get up and learn something new! Read his full art tip here.

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