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  • 9 New Hawaiian Art Images Release By Patrick Ching (Including KAI Hanalei 2017 Art Images)

New Releases 20% OFF till July 1, 2017 - Here are my most recent paintings. Enjoy!
Octopusses Garden
Inspiration: Would You like to be, under the sea, in an octopusses garden in the shade? More...
Reef Guardian
Inspiration: Gliding along in fluid grace, Mano cruises its aquatic kingdom. More...
Wild Horses
Inspiration: The mating dance of Hawaiian Seahorses entangled in a heartfelt embrace. More...
Omilu Reef
Inspiration: A Hawaiian blue finned trevally swims beyond a brilliantly colored coral reef. More...
Sunset Bali Hai
Inspiration: A majestic view of Hanalei Bay at sunset with Mount Makana in the distance. Makana was known as Bali Hai in the movie "South Pacific". More...
Honu Malia
Inspiration: With a shell full of sunsets, Honu floats calmly in a crystal tide. More...
Shoals of Time
Inspiration: From memories of flights in small planes over vast seas, a colorist's dream. More...
Reefer Madness
Inspiration: From the depths to the shallows, a rainbow within the reef. More...
Inspiration: Laysan Albatross (Moli) and her rolly-polly chick. More...


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